Sunday, February 5, 2017

Let us be happy at this moment.

We know and our scientists tell us this world is monstrously indifferent to humans. The entire set of today's gods and those that have died and gone had been created by humans from time to time who did not understand this world or their lives.We come and go like bubbles as a cosmic accident.

The universe is not bothered whether we live or die , whether we are sad or happy.  And we are allotted a millisecond in the universal time scale. Why not we try to be happy while we are here? Is it not this moment that really matters? Life is lost when we worry about future and mourn about our past. When we live in the present, we will enjoy life, trusting it will be better tomorrow and feeling we are a part of the universe. We are born to merge into the universe after our death.  Whatever little energy and matter we have in us will merge with the universal energy as we die. 

Let us enjoy whatever we do now. Enjoy food, travel, a shower, work and family. Get engrossed in what we do and forget about everything else. We all will have pain in our lives. It can be the death of a dear one or a big loss. Let us accept it and go on; after all, this life is just for a moment. Let in some light where it was dark before. Try to make a few souls happy and this in turn will make us happy. Let us live without hurting anyone. When life is ending, let it end. We will be merging with the universe and live eternally with it. 

Shouldn't  we be happy that we got this life? Let us go only after having savored it fully. 

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