Saturday, February 11, 2017

Become happy to be like gods

(some of the points here are mentioned in my book, Success Through Positive Thinking (Pusthak Mahal, New Delhi)  

Being godless is simply a great thing. We do not have to enslave ourselves with the nonsense beliefs and magical rituals of religions.  We know everything is over with this life.  The moment our brain stops functioning, that is the end of this bubble.

Being godless there is no illusion of an afterlife, allurement of a heaven or the fear of a hell. We can go in pace having lived our lives to the full.  

Where are we going? Why are we here? Where did we come from?

Why bother about all these clutter? We are standing on firm soil and the world is full of beautiful things.  Everything happens here so very naturally and in perfect harmony.  The moon rounds the earth; the earth rounds the sun with its moon and the sun with all its planets rounds the galactic center. This has been going on in absolute precision for the last 4.5 billion years!  A seed germinates with tender shoots to grow into a big tree. A baby gets birth and grows just like an old person dies.

Life is a wonderful gift. We have been lucky to have been born in the 20th/21st century with all the modern comforts and scientific advances. The older generations could not even dream of what we have. Yes, there is a lot of pain, failures and losses in our lives.  We have a lot of blessings too. Even if our blessings are less, what is the point in crying over it?  There are a few who are blessed with lots of money, fame, talents,  or looks.  

The game of life is played down here that way. You can brood over it and become sad. Or you can choose to be happy irrespective of what you got. 

 Oprah Winfrey once observed, 'the more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is to celebrate in life.'   Helen Keller was deaf, mute and blind. Still she thought she was blessed and tried to cheer those who were only blind!  Mark Ingles, whose legs were amputated below the knee in 1982 as they were frost-bitten while stuck in a snow-cave for 13 days during mountaineering, feels there is a lot left to be thankful about. He is grateful he is alive and he conquered Mount Cook in 2002 and Mount Everest in 2006. These days he is travelling around inspiring others to enjoy and appreciate this life.

An anonymous poet has sung: ‘if your arteries have hardened and arthritis have slowed your gait,  if your dancing days are over and if any other condition afflicts you, think of others with more pain like the fellow in the wheel-chair, or the one without hands or legs……’ There are so many who cannot hear a symphony, see a bloom, or even know his/her own parents. You are far better......'

Are you happy now? This is all that matters. The richest person on earth--let it be Bill gates, Carlos Slim, Mark Zuckerburg, or anyone else, they all want to be happy every moment of their lives. They may not be as happy as you are now. We are to be happy here. Everything points to these 9 letters arranged in this order: H A P P I N E S S. 

Enjoy this moment: start savoring everything good in life. More money need not necessarily make you happy. You have so much to be happy about already: this world that gave you birth in this century, your dear ones, your friends, those who help you and so on. Problems will get solved, dark clouds will swim away.  

Say a thank you to anyone who helps you and thank the universe, this earth and your parents, who gave birth to you, your partner, grandparents, teachers, pets, computer, house, garden, aircrafts, ships, fridge, video games, television, moon, stars, blooms,  panoramic views, a rainbow,
sunsets, snow, music, dance and lots of other things. There is a lot of things to be thankful and happy about.

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