Saturday, March 18, 2017

Has not the Sun been more helpful than the gods?

We can figuratively say that the sun created the earth, ensured its well-being by guiding it into a harmonious orbit and ordained its fruitful destiny for billions of years. It kept us  at an optimum distance so that adequate but not more energy(unlike
the other distant frozen planets, the earth is warm but not scorching like the smaller ones nearer to the sun) reaches the earth , its size has been made optimum so that there is an atmosphere with hydrogen, oxygen, water vapor and an abundance of elements which later, using the energy  supplied by the sun, produced life here and gave momentum for evolution.  The unicellular organisms evolved with the energy from the sun diversifying into myriad life-forms and the earth is now the home of a very advanced civilization.  The sun has loved us unlike any god or goddess. It still burns its resources and immolates itself to provide adequate warmth and energy to us and this will continue till its death.   

But the gods have left humans orphaned and they have done every harm imaginable. They  made danger haunt every human footstep from day one. Humans had been constantly on the run from the faster and stronger beasts in the early period. There were marshes and sumps everywhere and so many got drowned. Human life has been extremely difficult from the earliest times when there was scarcity of food, the fury of nature, diseases and death.

In the quakes of the 20th century more than 1, 250, 000 people died. Death by floods can be reasonably assumed to be more or less in the range of a million a century. The number of people who die in volcanoes, tempests and hurricanes is  big too. Then everything collapses in a second. A quake or a plague kills the young, the old and those in their middle ages with all their dreams. Deadly diseases like cancer make human life an ordeal. So many different types of cancers haunt man today as before. Even as I write this, many are in agony; they suffer, suffer and suffer.

Extreme poverty. According to UN statistics  2.8 billion people live on less than US$2/day and roughly 1.2 billion people live on less than US$1.25/day. There are at least 300 million people in India who live with less than half a US$ a day.  Malnutrition is the underlying cause of death for at least 3 million children under the age of 5 per year in the world.  3.4 million die every year from water related diseases around the world, and roughly 768 million people do not have access to clean water.  Around 35 million live with AIDS today. A woman dies every two minutes due to complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Only 1/2 of all the women in the under developed regions receive recommended medical attention. See how the Omnipotent God gives suffering to His special creation!

Multitudes are born into the inhuman conditions of filth and dirt of blighted Areas. Gods have killed more than half of all humans as children. Those who have survived have done so out of pure luck. There is no visible purpose at all in creating those children other than bringing pain and trouble to everyone concerned. 

From the earliest times, tribes fought for their tribal all-father or deity who prodded his followers to defeat others and establish his superiority. Gods have partitioned the earth; each sect owing allegiance to a god, carved out a certain portion of the inhabited lands.  Later, when organized religions were established, they fought to establish their might and it continues to this day.

The followers of the mythological gods which flourished in the Roman Empire persecuted the early Christians and murdered many of them.  When Christianity gained upper hand (as the Roman Emperor accepted it as the official religion) it became the persecutor. The Inquisition courts in the name of its god, threw thousands alive into the dens of lions, or into boiling oil and killed or torched others. Even scientists were not spared for upholding the truth (remember Bruno and Galileo who were persecuted or burnt alive for rejecting foolishness advocated by the Church.)  

The Islamic conquerors killed innumerable followers of other gods and forcibly converted many of them into Islam at gun point.  Nobody knows how many perished in the crusades waged between Christians and Muslims! Christians and Muslims have persecuted the Jews for centuries,  Even now the Arab Israeli wars do not seem to end. 

When one religion disintegrate into a number of denominations, as did Christianity and Islam, conflicts follow. The Anglo-French wars and others of Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries were between the protestant and catholic nations. In the latter half of the twentieth century we see wars becoming common between the different sects of Islam. Continued wars between Iran and Iraq, the threat of a conflict between GCC nations and Iran emanate from the animosity between Sunnis and Shiites. Sectarian Islamic warfare is spreading wherever the sects are becoming powerful. Christian nations conquered Islamic Afghanistan and Iraq killing or maiming millions for their own motives!     

Jihadists  immolate themselves in the name of their god to murder people believing in another god. Terror has become a real threat to the existence of humans. Meaningful harmony seems to be almost impossible as one god’s demands look conflicting with another's. Followers owe allegiance to their god and their group in an emotionally charged context and communal conflicts can arise any moment in countries where different religions co-exist and can become a full-fledged war.  

The various gods of different religions are in rivalry and are competing with each other. Wars, conflicts, massacre, killing and hatred continue everywhere. There is no help coming from any one of them. No prayer is being answered ever. No help reaches the poor  who die of hunger, malnutrition and diseases. The only thing available in abundance for the poor is the religious texts like the Bible, Quran, Gita and so on which are distributed free after a quake, tsunami, cyclone, flood, famine, or plague. 

Due to anti-abortion and anti- artificial contraception polices of gods’ religions,  the poor proliferate and their life is in abject poverty. The heavenly father who feeds the birds of the air does not help them at all.  Religions have accumulated great wealth in the names of gods but they do not help the poor, the sick, or the orphaned.  The clergy have lived a luxurious life and even now the cardinals, bishops, priests -all lead a care-free life at the expense of the faithful. One in every fifty Catholic priest is a pedophile. If they have harmed 5 children each, total number of children harmed during our period will alone be more than 1.5 Million! The number of priest-sodomites will be much more. 

Stephen Hawking has declared that god is not required for the universe. Einstein had said there cannot be an immortal soul.  Gods and souls  are found only in the thinking of man or in the books written by those who lived long back and who never understood the workings of this world or life, Man’s quest for immortality, his helplessness before death makes him continue with such beliefs although they are  products of their own imagination. That could be the reason why a good percentage of the world population does not believe in any god any more.

There is no need to believe in the sun (you believe something which is not there); you understand it, the sun is so very real, concrete, living and the true reason of every breath you take. It is not a god or anything special in the scheme of the universe. It is just a star like the trillions of others. But it gave enough energy for life to spurt up and evolve into intelligent beings here. It has played the role of a traditional god unlike the thousands of gods that have surfaced. No wonder many people have worshiped it as a deity.  

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Bible, the Worst Book Ever

I do not think there can be a more foolish thing than the Bible. God created the first parents out of His immense love. But He put them to a test and they failed. The loving God immediately opened the gates of hell and started roasting the souls of men, women and children for all eternity.  He could have forgiven them--after all Eve was tempted by the serpent God had set upon her for the purpose.Instead, God punished them in this world, in the world to come and further, passed the sin to the entire future generations! Can there be something more cruel?
The Bible is not only mere falsehood or a collection of fables gathered from here and there of the ancient period, full of transmissions and outright deceit, but also an account of God’s particular love for Israel to the exclusion of all the others. It is dominated by a fiendish and angry God who kills the entire kingdoms of Canaan area to settle his small tribe Israel. 

The Bible is hardly something we should be teaching our children or anyone for that matter. God was so happy killing children and infants. He killed every infant, toddler and children in the deluge he sent to destroy everything. When he annihilated Sodom and Gomorrah with fire and brimstone, he just didn’t bother about infants, toddlers or kids. He had a special love for killing the firstborn in his monstrous campaigns against the Egyptians. He sent his angels to behead their firstborns. His passion to kill the first born remained alive for ever. The Israelite celebrated the Passover and sprinkled blood on their doorposts so that God wouldn't kill their firstborn children (Hebrews 11:28) like he did those of the Egyptians as recorded in the Exodus.

The OT books are narrations regarding the lives, of the Israelite, their animal sacrifices, rituals, wars, cruelty, social life and relationship with their tribal chief.  The choosing of a small tribe, at a particular period of human history, to reveal His mind and His grand plan to redeem man from the pits they had been thrown into  with the original sin, is against the universality of any Supreme, all-loving Being. Those who lived before Christ and the vast majority of those who lived later have not heard of Him or got convinced of Him.

The Bible is full of violence and ugly stories, with a few seemingly good platitudes and parables interspersed. Anyone who has read the Bible independently will find it hardly worth reading. But still, preachers, teachers, priests, bishops, cardinals and the Popes, setting aside the intrinsic controversies, fallacies, fictitious stories, misleading concepts, sexy narrations, descriptions of vengeance, anger and utter nonsense, propagate that it is the ‘word of God.’ Their programmed brains do not see the obscenities, tortuous massacres, unrelenting vindictiveness, hundreds of pages of God’s anger and vengeance. God is pictured as an ethnic maniac who loved the smell of burnt blood, and fatty flesh.

There are several filthy, violent or sexy passages in the Bible, including genocide, murder, rape, incest, and explicit sex narrations. There are descriptions of how Lot’s daughters have sex with their father to get pregnant! It cannot be a one day affair as getting pregnant will not happen overnight. It is written Cain, after killing Abel, knew his "wife "(his own mother was the only one woman alive at that time as there is no mention of a sister for Cain in the Bible). Abraham marries his half-sister and God approves it. Onan was asked to have sex with his brother’s (whom God had killed) wife and since Onan refused to impregnate her God kills him too. Among those who have several wives and concubines are Gideon, Elkanah, David, Rehoboam, Abijah, and Solomon. Collecting more wives and sex slaves was a sign of status in God’s book. King Solomon, with thousands of wives and concubines was a great hero. He sees women as accursed and treats them as sex objects of men and oppresses them. He encouraged slavery and stoning of women if their hymen was not intact at marriage. 

There cannot be anything more foolish than the teaching that God Almighty sent His only son to die for the sins of man. A simple wish of his must have obliterated the first sin. He could have simply forgiven the first parents’ simple disobedience and the entire mankind would have been free of the Original Sin. It is foolish to think Almighty God walked through the rugged terrains of Palestine to get struck, scourged and crucified! (How did God locate this infinitesimally small earth in the entire universe with 200 billion galaxies and trillions and trillion of stars and planets?) I do not think any writer/poet or dreamer has ever woven a more fictitious stuff than what is in the gospels.  Unknown authors made a Jew a god like the young pagan gods born of virgins and who did many miracles, died young and resurrected to save their people.  Paul invented the theory of redemption and he gave a meaning for the crucifixion of a Jew. 

How can this thing be the best book? How does it become the bestselling Book? May be they are forced upon people as they force children to accept Christianity without any consent from them. Christianity has been doing so from the time the Roman Empire chose it as its official religion. Modern day terrorists and serial killers must have learnt a lesson or two from the Old Testament practices like stoning adulterous women, raping, oppressing, beheading firstborns, massacring people and animals and annihilating entire opposition armies even by throwing heavy stones from heaven. This book needs to be banned as it leads people to violence, oppression, deceit, falsehood and treachery.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Nature/gods are monstrously indifferent to humans

Food has been scarce ever since humans' appearance on this planet. As they started to walk upright, they had to eke out a precarious existence by hunting animals, many of them faster or stronger than him, or by gathering fruits and roots. Their lives depended on the vagaries of nature and the locality he was born into. They were under perpetual threat from the ferocious beasts, poisonous snakes and marshes that abounded then. Danger lurked everywhere, they were constantly on the run; trees were his only refuge; as he had climbed down the trees with the improvement of posture, he was not good in reaching their tops.
Billions have perished in natural calamities-like floods, hurricanes, quakes, famine, plagues - and in wars fought for gods and religions.  Deadly viruses have been threatening human life. At this moment millions are fighting hunger, cancer, AIDS, TB, Malaria or dying. Human life has been extremely difficult from the earliest times when there was scarcity of food, the fury of nature, diseases and death. Every year volcanoes, tempests, earthquakes, floods and hurricanes devour millions of people who have built their humble dreams with their sweat and blood. But in one destructive moment of nature everything is over. All their dreams, along with their breath, are obliterated once and for all.

Nature and gods have been indifferent to humans; they are not concerned whether we live or die whether we are in pain or suffer. Can nature bring havoc to humans without the explicit consent of the Omnipotent and Omniscient God? Can a volcano devour thousands without the nod of the Almighty? Every natural disaster, every suffering of man, every ill of children, every evil that has happened to the living beings must have been brought upon them by the almighty Himself! Is He a monster who creates people and brings sufferings to them? The orgy goes on according to His whims and fancies. Is He evil incarnate that enjoys the agony of the poor sent down here for a passing breath? 

In the quakes of the 20th century more than 1250000 people died. (Source: Wikipedia) People have died likewise in all the 1000 centuries we have been here on this earth. But as population has been steadily increasing over the years we cannot compute an exact figure of the total number of people died so far in quakes since the dawn of humanity.

Death by floods can be reasonably assumed to be more or less in the range of a million people a century. The number of people who die in volcanoes, tempests and hurricanes will be big too. Due to various epidemics since the birth of Jesus, more than 1000 million people have died. In the 1918 flue pandemic, 75 Million people died worldwide (source Wikipedia). Certain plagues like cholera, small pox and others decimated human groups. How do we assimilate that this is the outcome of a loving God’s loving Providence?

These hapless people had built their dreams over so many years and constructed their lives by years of toil. Everything collapses in a second. A quake or a plague kills the young, the old and those in their middle ages with all their dreams. I often think of humans rearing up pigs and slaughtering them when they want. Is not the Almighty doing the same thing with us?  He creates and kills us as He fancies; it’s all a play for Him; there is no love or meaning in the whole burlesque that He is carrying on down here.

Deadly diseases like cancer make our lives an ordeal. So many different types of cancers are haunting man today as before.  Even as I write this, there are millions of people in the world who are in agony. They suffer, suffer and suffer. Is there any help coming from above? And still Christians speak about the abundant love of their God. It affects the rich, the poor and the medium class alike. But in tsunamis, floods, quakes and hurricanes the poor suffer more. And they believe and pray God more than the elite. But when a natural disaster strikes the poor get thrashed up or simply get killed like insects.

There are so many other ills that haunt modern man: heart diseases, diabetes, pressure, urinary problems, kidney and liver failures, and innumerable other ills. There are those who are blind, deaf or mute, the physically handicapped and the imbeciles and the feeble-minded.

Why doesn’t God bring some light into the dark world of the blind? Let them see at least once the beauty of His wonderful creation. Let the deaf hear at least once the music of the wind, the twitter of the birds, and the murmur of a meandering stream. Is it not demonic to deny them such simple pleasures? Can you fathom the reason for creating a violently mad guy who has to prolong his existence with all the ill-treatment he receives from other humans apart from the ills he already received by birth?

Extreme poverty. According to UN statistics  2.8 billion people live on less than US$2/day and roughly 1.2 billion people live on less than US$1.25/day. There are at least 300 million people in India who live with less than half a US$ a day.  Malnutrition is the underlying cause of death for at least 3 million children under the age of 5 per year in the world. Thousands of adults too are dying every year too. Millions are born into the inhuman conditions of filth and dirt of blighted Areas. Will this monstrous drama of the Almighty ever end?

 3.4 million People die every year from water related diseases around the world, and roughly 768 million people do not have access to clean water.  About 35 million people are living with AIDS today. 67% of them are living in Sub-Saharan Africa. A woman dies every two minutes due to complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Only 1/2 of all the women in the under developed regions receive recommended medical attention. But why there is no pro-active action from God? His choicest creation has been suffering from the beginning of time till now and this will, in all probability, continue till the end of time.

Things happen as per the gravitational, chemical, biological and physical laws of matter. There is no interference of a god, or force-good or bad- from any where extrinsic to this world. Those who die get buried; those who survive live on. Nature is monstrously indifferent to man. We can understand these truths like light and darkness.  No god is concerned whether humans live or die, whether they succeed or fail, whether they are in pain or joy.  

Beginnings of gods.  As early humans could not understand this universe or life he deified nature phenomena. Good phenomena became benevolent gods and bad ones evil deities.  Appeasing the latter and pleasing the former followed. Millions of gods got evolved in the course of time. In tandem with the rise of powerful kings over chieftains, some gods were elevated to superior positions and later to an unassailable heights resulting in monotheism. In the course of time, fervent religious leaders established sects according to their own convictions and fancies. Now we have hundreds of such warring sects each one of them claiming to be the follower of the true god. The rivalries between the gods of the diverse sects have caused most of the wars and other communal conflicts of the world so far.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

A Simple Fact Proves There is No God!

Demographists suggest that the death rate among medieval children in UK was around 25% in the first year, 12.5% between one and four, and about 6% between five and nine(Nicholas Orme, University of Exeter). It works out to around 44% before the age of ten. If in UK so many children died, in the other parts of the world it would be more or less of the same pattern. About 400-500 years back 44 children out of 100 died before reaching the age of ten. I think it would be reasonable to assume that half of them did not become adults. If we project this to 2000 years and more backwards we can easily assume that one out of two children died before the age of ten and may be  only 45 out of 100 reached adulthood.  
Child-Deaths have come down in the modern era. Child mortality rate 180 per thousand in 2060  has come down to around 45 in 2015 as per UN estimates. But more children still die before reaching the age of ten. According to UN estimates 6.3 million children under the age of five died in 2013. WHO estimates 5.9 million of them died in 2015, 16 000 every day. But when we consider more than 100,000 years humans have  been here on this planet, child-death has come down substantially only in the last 2 or 3 centuries as medicine, science and living standards advanced. In all the 99700 years child death continued unabated. And God has nothing to do with this reduction in the child death rates.  The pertinent question: why do gods let them suffer and die like insects?  
They have suffered greatly throughout man’s history. Some of them have died due to contagious and other diseases; others died due to inadequate food and water. Natural calamities –like floods, hurricane, quakes, tsunamis, volcanoes have massacred them too. If god cannot protect and help them grow into adulthood why does He create them? There is no visible purpose at all in creating children other than bringing pain and trouble to everyone concerned. Is He a Monster who enjoys creating and massacring them haphazardly at his whim and fancy?
Children cannot use freewill
If Christians say children will go to heaven, why the hell are they sent to this world? They don’t reach adulthood and hence cannot use their freewill to merit heaven or deserve hell. If God sends them to heaven out of His love, is there any purpose for creating them? They suffer out of hunger and thirst or they are in pain due to diseases until they die. Their suffering causes pain to their loved ones too. Their deaths break the hearts of the poor parents who so painfully conceived, gave birth and brought them up.

Even today children die without food, water or both.Youngsters go to school hungry, tired and half naked. They live in filth by the side of stinking drains and on footpaths. A Child dies every six minutes in Africa. 3000 children die in India every day! They are all suffering and their life is an ordeal without food, clothes, home and medical care. According to Global Issues, (2014 estimates) 21000 children die around the world each day! One child is dying every 4 seconds. 900 children die in an hour!  The silent killers are poverty, hunger, easily preventable diseases and illnesses, and other related causes. Where are the gods?

As per the Population Reference Bureau (PRB) a total of more than 108 billion humans have been born here.  Out of them 50-55% must have died (before reaching adulthood) as we estimated earlier, up to the modern times. In the last 3 centuries or so the child death rate has come down.               
           We interpolate deaths of children from the PRB table for total population from 50,000 B.C. 
Period                 total births            total child (before14) deaths in millions
50,000 B.C.-        -                              assumed % given in brackets. 
8000 B.C.         1,137,789,769                625  (55%)               
1 A.D.              46,025,332,354            25313    ”
1200                26,591,343,000            14625    ”
1650               12,782,002,453               7030    ”
1750                 3,171,931,513                1114 (50%)
1850                 4,046,240,009                1820 (45%)
1900                 2,900,237,856                1160  (40%)
1950                 3,390,198,215                1017  (30%)
1995                 5,427,305,000                1085  (20%)    
2011                 2,130,327,622                  213  (10%)    
Total child deaths:      54302 million or 54 billion up to 2011 from from 50,000 B.C. More deaths would have happened before that and we leave it as we don't have even a guess.   

As I write this, thousands of children are dying in Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, India, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Mozambique and in many other nations.  If gods have been killing almost half of all people getting birth here, what is their purpose of creating humans? Those who survive do so randomly or out of luck. There is no conscious interference from any god.  No purpose is served in creating them as they die without ever exercising freewill. Why do gods create the psychotic, the patients of hysteria, the hydro-cephalic, the brain deficient, the mentally retarded and the imbeciles (about 5% of the population) who need others’ help just to prolong their existence and who are in perpetual pain.  Most of them do not enjoy any freedom at all to deliberate and decide their actions. Without freewill the children and the mentally retarded cannot do anything to attain heaven, moksha, nirvana, anything in the afterlife.
As the Creator has no definite plan or purpose for their creation, the only inference is either He is not an Intelligent Being or He has nothing to do with the birth, life and death of humans. Either way, we are compelled necessarily to reach the conclusion that there is no god. 

Saturday, March 11, 2017

There is no evidence Jesus lived

Gospels no authentic document
The gospels, written in Greek-to propagate a religion-are the only source for the life and ministry of Jesus. He and his Jewish fishermen followers spoke Aramaic. There is no trustworthy evidence to show that any of these books were in existence before 100 years after the death of Christ. Even Christian scholars, admit that Mark was written sometime around 70 AD, Luke by about 110AD, Matthew by about 130AD, and John by around 140 AD. Hence they could not have been written by the guy's disciples. As layers and layers were added to the oral stories with elaborations, distortions, additions, interpretations borrowing from here and there, we cannot get the faintest outline of who Jesus was and what he did or said.    
How can something written more than a century after the person they describe lived and died, without any historical document to base what is written, become true? The original gospels no longer exist; they have been lost or destroyed. The oldest existing manuscripts belong to the 6th century which are copies of copies of copies. We do not know who, when and how they were copied. There were many Gospels in circulation in the early centuries: "the Gospel of Paul," the Gospel of Bartholomew," the "Gospel of Judas Iscariot," the "Gospel of the Egyptians," the "Gospel or Recollections of Peter," the "Oracles or Sayings of Christ," and many others. It is even argued that works were forged in the names of the apostles, and even in the name of Christ. They had many contradictory stories and they were all burnt after the Synod of Trent that accepted the four as canonical. There is absolutely no certainty or reliability about anything found in the Gospels.
The story of Jesus was not a new idea!  
There lived many men who bore the name, "Jesus" and many political leaders who had the title "Christ." All the materials necessary for the manufacture of the story of Christ existed too.  In all the pagan cultures there were gods born of virgins who performed miracles, gave new teachings, got killed or crucified and who ascended into heaven after resurrection. One could easily fabricate a story like Jesus’ from the literature of the time.  
Historians are silent on this guy
The Jewish and pagan historians of the 1st&2nd centuries are almost silent regarding Jesus. Flavius Josephus who died about 100 AD published "The Jewish war" in 77/78  and "The antiquities of the Jews" in 94/95. In the earlier Greek versions there is no mention of Jesus as such. But in the subsequent editions there are references to Jesus (which must have had been added later.) All leading scholars agree that the phrase “if it is lawful to call him a man’ found twice in later editions is simply a later addition. Cornelius Tacitus in about 116 AD mentioned in his manual: “ Nero was fiercely persecuting Christians on account of their crimes. Although the pernicious superstition was momentarily subdued, it again broke out not only in Judea but also in the city of Rome.” Tranquilus Suetonius who lived in the 2nd century alludes to Christians who adhere to a new and pernicious superstition in two passages in “The Live of the Caesars.” Around 112 CE, Pliny the Younger wrote to Emperor Trojan, detailing how he was conducting the trials of those accused of being Christians.  A few years later, another historian, Suetonius, wrote that Emperor Claudius had expelled Jews from Rome because of the disturbances instigated by Chrestus. If Jesus were the guy described in the Bible--calming the seas, walking over water, curing lepers, making the blind see, the deaf hear, raising the dead, he would have been quite famous and the historians of the period would have written extensively on him. But they hardly mention about the guy. How come the Almighty was known only to handful of ignorant fishermen?
Contradictions on his birth stories
Matthew says Jesus was born when Herod was the King of Judea. Luke says he was born when Cyrenius was Governor of Syria. Herod died in the year 4 B.C. and Cyrenius,(Quirinius)did not become Governor until ten years later. Herod and Quirinius are separated by the reign of Archelaus, Herod's son. Between Matthew and Luke, there is, thus a gap of ten years, as to the time of Christ's birth. No early Christian knew when Christ was born. Christmas (Dec.25th ) was a pagan festival adopted as such.  Christians have contrary opinions concerning the year the Messiah appeared on earth. Nobody knew when the Almighty god was born! Was he born at all?    
The story of the Immaculate Conception and connected legends and the miracles were invented to picture him as a god like the mythical gods: Mithra, Attis, Osiris, Horus, Apollonius Dionysus and others. Many scholars find the genealogy given in the gospels totally wrong- obviously added to show that Jesus is the heir of the promise made to Abraham. But if he was born of a virgin and what is the use of giving the genealogy extending to Joseph? Matthew and Luke give a genealogy of Jesus, the names, and even the number of generations differs between the two-obviously added to show that Jesus is the heir of the promise made to Abraham. What purpose a maternal genealogy would serve in a Jewish (patriarchal) setting?
Matthew and Luke say Jesus was born in Bethlehem-the city of David- by making Joseph and Mary travel from Nazareth to it, two provinces away for registering in a Roman census.(there is no historical evidence) Even if there was one, only the head of the family had to go and not his fully pregnant wife. His birth is made to happen here to fulfill a prophesy of Micah. The stories of the shepherds and wise men who recognized the child as the son of god are preserved in Mathew and Luke. Remember David himself was a shepherd in the fields of Bethlehem. The narration could have been inserted to show the coming of the Messianic Shepherd from David’s line. Mathew describes the attempt of Herod to destroy the child and hence Joseph and Mary took flight to Egypt and returned back to Nazareth where they then settled down.
There was no city of Nazareth in the 1st Century
Gospels try to show that Nazareth was his home town. Was there a city of Nazareth in the first century? Historians do not think there was anything called Nazareth during the time. The Encyclopedia Biblical says, “We cannot perhaps venture to assert positively that there was a city of Nazareth in Jesus' time." If there was no Nazareth in the 1st century, gospels are fictitious.  
The gospel writers did not know about his early life?
After his birth, nothing is known of the life of the Almighty until he reached the age of 30. Luke mentions Jesus discussing with learned people in the Temple of Jerusalem like Buddha did, when he was 12. There were stories of other gods having such discussions with the learned at young ages.
If Jesus was recognized as the promised King by the shepherds and Herod and the learned people, why did he emerge a stranger from Nazareth to begin his ministry? Why didn’t any one recognize him during his public life?  Why are the four gospels silent on the thirty years of the life of Jesus?
Inconsistencies in his public life
Gospels speak only about his ministry which lasted just one year according to the synoptic gospels and more than two according to John. John says Jesus was very much in Judea and went to the Temple of Jerusalem often. But other gospels say his ministry was in Galilee and he went to Jerusalem towards the end. Why should one betray Jesus who appeared daily in the streets and preached often in the Temple?  The priests would not have bribed a man to betray a teacher whom everybody knew. If the accounts of Christ's betrayal are true, what John writes about his public appearances in Jerusalem must be false.
Was Jesus crucified?
There are many scholars who doubt the story of Christ's crucifixion. They mention that Roman civilization was one of the highest orders in the world. Their courts were models of order and fairness. None was condemned without a trial nor handed to the executioner before being found guilty. The judge Pontius Pilate found him innocent and no charge of wrong doing was brought before him. It looks improbable that a man found innocent could be punished, tortured and crucified. Why did the Jews a civilized people of the time want to crucify a man who were working so many miracles and doing only good?  
Is it not strange that during the first 8 centuries a lamb was represented as dying on the cross for the salvation of the world?  A lamb carried a cross and a lamb was on the cross. Pope Hadrian I, confirming the decree of the sixth Synod of Constantinople, commanded that thereafter the figure of a man should take the place of a lamb on the cross at the close of the 9th century. Till then a lamb was on the cross. Did Jesus die on the cross at all? Remember, there is an amulet depicting the god
Dionysus on a cross, very similar to the way we see crucified Christ’s picture. May be, Christ was not crucified after all. Was the whole story of Christ fabricated from the mythical gods and the Church with its political and spiritual power made people believe it?
Jesus was fabricated!
The story of Jesus was certainly fashioned after the mythical gods like Osiris, Dionysus, Attis, Adonis, Mithra with some ideas taken from Buddha and Krishna. The narratives of some of these gods existed hundreds of years before Jesus’ story emerged and some others were almost contemporaries of Jesus. The preachers who wrote about Jesus and fashioned him were familiar with them and they drew from them extensively or rather they created a Jesus in their model. With the Pauline idea of redemption, he was made to die and later resurrect like many of the pagan gods.