Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Will Islam Rule the World in 22nd Century or Atheism?

If humans are still here by luck or otherwise in the 22nd century,will Islam be the dominant religion?
According to Pew Research Center, Christianity will decline in UK, Europe, Canada, USA, Australia and increase in Asia, Africa and Latin America. In 2010 a quarter of the world Christian population lived in Europe, but it will drop to 15.6% by 2050. Islam will be the world’s largest religion by 2100- its rise will be more due to the young age of today's believers and their high fertility rates relative to other religions and not due to new converts.

Muslims will increase in European and North American cities and Islam is expected to be the second largest religion in the US replacing Judaism soon. Muslims are buying Christian churches there and converting them into mosques. Former Catholic Church of St. Paul Minn….that operated from 1886 -2013 is now the Darul–Uloon Islamic center. There are so many such examples. Will Islam dominate the world? The population of Muslims increases so fast that Pew Research center projects that Christians and Muslims will equalize by 2070 and by 2100 Islam will overtake Christianity!

Pew alsor shows that Islam-23.2% (1.6 billion) of the world population now, will become 29.7% (2.76 billion) by 2050 and the biggest religion by 2100. Christians are now 31.4% ( 2.17 billion) of the world population and they will remain 31.4% (2.9 billion) in 2050  too. Buddhist population will come down from 7.1% to 5.2% in 2050! Hindus will increase from the present 1.03 billion to 1.38 billion. The percentage the population of the unaffiliated will become less than today’s in 2050 (from 16.5% to 13%)-not in absolute numbers but as a percentage of the total population as they are not highly productive or young like the Muslims.  

Futurologists like Bellafatto, have shown in her 2012 studies that tribal and folk religions will decline in China.  In 2010, 5% of the Chinese were Christians, 18% Buddhists, 22% belonged to folklore religions and 50% had no religious affiliation.  But if the Chinese government allows freedom, Christians will increase immediately.

The decline of Christianity in Britain is so conspicuous that Catholic journalist Damian Thompson speculates that at the present rate of decline, Anglicanism will disappear from Britain by 2033. Like Denmark, Netherlands and so many others, UK is on the road to atheism. 

There is a feeling that atheism has always been the choice of the privileged--where people are not worried where the next meal comes from. If the poor nations develop and if their population stabilize and decrease, the hold of religions will diminish. The entire developed world (with the exception of USA which is fast becoming irreligious) is rejecting religions. 

There are millions worldwide who believe there is no God or after-life and that life definitively ends with death. They are gaining momentum especially in the advanced nations. In many of them like UK and European nations atheism is becoming very popular and the number of atheists and agnostics are on the steady increase. There are certainly more atheists today than ever before.  According to a Gallup International survey the number of religious people fell from 77% to 68% between 2005 and 2011 and atheists rose by 3% bringing the total estimated share of atheists in the world to 13%. 

According to Global Survey on Religiosity, there are 13% atheists in 2016 against 9% in 2005 (an increase of 4% in 11 years). Project  4% increase in 11 years for the next century and see the result:the world will be fully atheists by 2237!
Year       atheists
2005        9%                                                                                                                                         2016      13%                                                                                                                                         2050      32%                                                                                                                                         2105      52%                                                                                                                                    2237    100%       

The surveys of the Pew Research Center shows there are 23% ‘nons’ (non-religious)  in the US in 2016.  This is an increase of 7% from 16% in 2007- (in a period of 9 years). By projecting the same increase to the coming century, we find that 100% of the Us population will become non-religious.
Year        Non-religious 
2007        16%
2016        23% 
2051        52%
2115       100% 

The Gallup International Survey found that religious people fell from 77% to 68% between 2005 and 2011.  (9% in 6 years!) If this trend continues, world will be non-religious in 50 years’ time.

Everyone will agree that there is no country in the world more religious today than before.  Even Brazil, and Ireland –once strongly Catholic societies are becoming less Catholic and less religious. The exception may be places like Iran and Saudi but there is no way to know how people approach religion there.

People in general are going to be more liberal and less people will get upset over atheism. Technologies will shape societies as no one has seen before. The irreligious ways of the developed nations will be imbibed by the religious ones too for its obvious advantages. There may not be a decline in the absolute number of believers in the poorer societies but there will be much fewer who follow them madly as they do today. They will be less religious and more secular and humanist although Islam may still retain its hold here and there and increase its numbers by reproduction.


  1. As an atheist from Egypt , I believe that Islam will decline soon through a lot of coming wars in the middle east which may a huge amount of mass destruction weapons will be used at

  2. Yes it cannot be ruled out. But the population of poor nations like Pak, Bangla, Indonesia, India, Nigeria, Egypt are all set to double in a few decades-unlike the secular and some of the Christian nations.By 2100 Islam will be the biggest faith on earth.