Thursday, March 9, 2017

Why You cannot believe in Christianity!

1. Christianity believes that all humans are born in sin! Why? Why does god let people take birth in sin? They have no part in the simple disobedience of Adam and Eve..  

2. Why did Yahweh descend down to impregnate Mary with Jesus? Why did he make Joseph a cuckold? Why did he make his only son get scourged, beaten up, suffer and die like a criminal? A mere wish of his was enough to wash off any sin.  

3. Jesus says you follow the commandments to attain heaven. But his father, Yahweh flaunted blatantly all the commandments. He has no moral ground to ask humans to follow them.

4. The only books that speak of Jesus are the gospels. There were many such anonymous books out of which 4 were accepted to be canonical by the early church. The rest were burnt. Some of them say Jesus was a married man and that he loved Mary Magdalene, the prostitute. 

5. Why were the gospels written in Greek which neither Jesus nor his fishermen disciples understood? Why were they written a century after Christ died that too by unknown authors? 
6. If he were the Almighty god, working out all the miracles, why were the contemporary Jewish and Roman historians like Josephus and Cornelius Tacitus silent on him? It could be possible that the virgin birth, miracles and resurrection were all added up. There was no Nazareth in the first century.

7. Of all the humans born down here, more than half have died as children without ever using their free-will to do anything to merit heaven. At least 5% of the human population is feeble minded, psychotic, imbeciles or brain deficient.  They are not able to use their free will too. Effectively, only 45% of the entire humans become adults capable of using their freewill. Out of this how many have been Christians or Jews? Around 30%?  Thus only 30% of 45% (i.e. 13.5% of the entire people) could have tried to use their freewill to follow the commandments! If the remaining 85.5% are sent to everlasting hell (for no fault of theirs as they did not know this god or his commandments) it is monstrous and devilish. If god sends them to heaven, why not he send all? What is the need for Christianity at all?
8. Can God turn against His own people? With the coming of Christianity, Yahweh turns against the Jews and he prods the Church to persecute, banish or gas them. They were his bosom people. He had madly protected them, traveled with them in an arc for centuries and murdered entire nations for settling them.  But later he destroyed the temple of Jerusalem in 70 AD.

9. Why there are so many contradictions in the gospels? Regarding the date of birth of Jesus, the genealogy, and the stories connected with Herod’s attempt to kill the child? What is the need of a genealogy as Yahweh fathered him? 

10. If he was recognized as the son-of god, by the wise men, shepherds and Herod, why did he emerge as a stranger in his public ministry? Why are the writers silent on his early life? 

11. Jesus preached and did miracles just for 1 year as per the synoptic gospels and for more than 2 years as per John.   Jesus spent most of his time in Galilee according to synoptic gospels, going to Jerusalem only towards the end of his life. But as per John, Jesus spends more of his time in Jerusalem.  Even the accounts of his resurrection are different.  

12. The prophesies regarding the Messiah are vague: they are more about a mighty king who will deliver the Jews form their slavery. They are not fulfilled in Jesus at all. Jesus did not deliver the people from their enemies, reassemble the diaspora, restore the Davidic kingdom or establish universal peace. Instead Jesus died a shameful death. Why didn’t the prophets foresee that Jesus would be executed as a common criminal?

13. Had not Yahweh commanded you cannot have idols? But today’s churches are full of idols.

14. Christians believe he will judge all in his second coming. How will he judge the children, the mad, and the feeble-minded and the non Christians?

15. The Church Jesus is said to have established, has become immensely rich and powerful. Many of its popes and cardinals were blood thirsty, jealous, power-hungry, murderous, sex-starved and incest loving. The papal palace became places of harlots and deceit. Some popes made their illegitimate sons the next popes.  

16. Why were people, who did not agree with the Church’s foolish doctrines, thrown into the dens of lions or into the burning oil? Why scientists like Bruno were executed for speaking the truth or imprisoned Galileo one of the greatest scientists of all time?

17. Why did the Church, established by Jesus bifurcate into so many warring sects? Martin Luther and Calvin protested the selling of indulgences for money and they formed their own churches. The heads of the Romans an Eastern Churches had excommunicated each other earlier. The warring sects of Christianity have contradictory doctrines!   

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