Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Church sold gods to become the richest and ugly business!

Christianity is a 2000-year-old rich corporation. It is a religion founded on Yahweh, a tribal chief who somehow became the God of the cosmos!  There is nothing more evil than the Bible. But Christendom made it its charter and innocent people were aligned to the epic. It managed to convince all that each one is born in sin! The execution of a firebrand Jew was made into an  act of 

Jesus was the poorest of the poor. He did not have a roof, good dress, food or a pillow to rest his head. A group that started in his name become immensely rich. How? In the 1st and 2nd centuries, converts sold their wealth, possessions and put into a common pool. When they died the Church became the custodian of their wealth. Constantine, who got converted into the new sect to win wars against the pagans using the nascent Christian forces, bequeathed everything to Christianity (or perhaps the Church forged letters to the effect).
It did not take long for the Church to arrange pilgrimages to places where saints had lived, or to where early martyrs were buried. Pilgrims were encouraged to offer money to get blessings. More popular the shrines, more were the collection of gold and silver coins by the Church. Bones, hairs of saints were identified randomly and passed on as relics for offerings. Popes (successors  of St. Peter) encouraged pilgrimage to Peter's tomb and accepted cash offerings aplenty.

There were special predilection to the rich and the most powerful. They sold crosses containing fillings from St Peter’s chains, etc. for of course money. Systems got in place by which  money could be bartered for remittance for sins. Under clever popes people could exchange valuables in exchange of burial places. Even today Catholic parishes sell burial places in their cemetery to the faithful for good money. The Church started
to charge for baptism, marriage, last rites, burial. and for praying for the dead. The fees for each one of them correspond to the solemnity, time taken, length, loudness, and the number of priests involved. From birth to death Christians have to pay to this corporation.   
By the 10th and 11th centuries accretion of her riches gathered further momentum. Earlier the faithful
used to donate for religious motives. Such donations later became compulsory and people had to contribute for being church members.  Pope Gregory the V11 ordered that every Christian family had to contribute one denarius to the Blessed Peter a year. A sort of a tax to be paid for being a Christian!

By the 13th century papacy acquired immense power and popes introduced a method of nomination of bishops and other ecclesiastical authorities for which a fee was levied. A complicated and oppressive system of taxation was devised with a large number of papal officials sent everywhere demanding money.

Pope Boniface V111 proclaimed that people who visited the Basilicas of St. Peter and St. Paul in Rome would have full pardon of all their sins. Popes commercialized miracles and miracle sites. To gain absolution, people paid money. It was later that the Vatican became the stock exchange of indulgences.  An indulgence is a way to reduce the amount of punishment one has to undergo for sins in Purgatory. In 1517, Pope Leo X offered indulgences for those who gave alms to rebuild St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.   John Tetzel was the monk who sold it in Germany for the pope. That triggered Martin Luther's posting of the "95 Theses" in Wittenberg and the protestant reformation started.

 As the Church became wealthy and strong by the 8th century,  popes fell under the influence of harlots and this era is generally termed pornocracy (the rule of the harlots). Pornocracy or the more polite Saeculum obscurum (Latin for the Dark Age) began in 904 AD with the installation of Pope Sergius III. The Pope was completely under the control of Theodora, the beautiful wife of Roman consul Theophylactus, who used sex to wield power. Theodora's 15-year-old daughter Morazia became the concubine of Pope Sergius III. Their illegitimate son later became Pope John XI. The era of Pornocracy ended with Pope John XII (the grandson of Marozia) in 963. He was so immoral that the Basilica of Rome was converted into a brothel under his rule.

The Church tortured people who did not believe in its doctrines, threw them to the dens of lions or into burning oil. It made its followers fight holy wars like the crusades, and later precipitated Anglo-French wars and so many other conflicts. It haunted thousands of poor women and burnt them as witches. It executed scientists like Bruno and interned Galileo for not accepting its foolish teachings. The total number of innocents executed by this ugly corporation could run into millions.

The catholic Church has become today the richest and wealthiest corporation owning more wealth than any government or business group by cheating its adherents. According to the United Nations World Magazine the Vatican’s treasure of solid gold amounts to several billion dollars!  It is the biggest land owner  and has shares in all the leading banks in the world. It is becoming richer each day through the donations of the faithful and it continues to organize  holy events like the canonization of saints so that millions will throng to their places and give cash offerings. Every service of the Church, every prayer  is for a price. The accumulation of wealth continues unabated.

The clergy lead a licentious and luxurious life. Jesus said: “Go, sell everything you have and give to the poor.”  Christ also said in unequivocal terms ‘love your neighbor.’ The Catholic Church has flaunted both of these commandments since its inception. The poor proliferate as per the exhortation of its saints to multiply like the 'sands on the sea-shore' and their life is a pure agony. Still  the Church is against abortion and artificial birth control measures. Anyone would be outraged of the Church’s wealth but it does not do anything to alleviate the pain and suffering in the world.

This business takes money and gives nothing in return. No manufacturing cost for its products and hence its profit is the highest.

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