Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Nature/gods are monstrously indifferent to humans

Food has been scarce ever since humans' appearance on this planet. As they started to walk upright, they had to eke out a precarious existence by hunting animals, many of them faster or stronger than him, or by gathering fruits and roots. Their lives depended on the vagaries of nature and the locality he was born into. They were under perpetual threat from the ferocious beasts, poisonous snakes and marshes that abounded then. Danger lurked everywhere, they were constantly on the run; trees were his only refuge; as he had climbed down the trees with the improvement of posture, he was not good in reaching their tops.
Billions have perished in natural calamities-like floods, hurricanes, quakes, famine, plagues - and in wars fought for gods and religions.  Deadly viruses have been threatening human life. At this moment millions are fighting hunger, cancer, AIDS, TB, Malaria or dying. Human life has been extremely difficult from the earliest times when there was scarcity of food, the fury of nature, diseases and death. Every year volcanoes, tempests, earthquakes, floods and hurricanes devour millions of people who have built their humble dreams with their sweat and blood. But in one destructive moment of nature everything is over. All their dreams, along with their breath, are obliterated once and for all.

Nature and gods have been indifferent to humans; they are not concerned whether we live or die whether we are in pain or suffer. Can nature bring havoc to humans without the explicit consent of the Omnipotent and Omniscient God? Can a volcano devour thousands without the nod of the Almighty? Every natural disaster, every suffering of man, every ill of children, every evil that has happened to the living beings must have been brought upon them by the almighty Himself! Is He a monster who creates people and brings sufferings to them? The orgy goes on according to His whims and fancies. Is He evil incarnate that enjoys the agony of the poor sent down here for a passing breath? 

In the quakes of the 20th century more than 1250000 people died. (Source: Wikipedia) People have died likewise in all the 1000 centuries we have been here on this earth. But as population has been steadily increasing over the years we cannot compute an exact figure of the total number of people died so far in quakes since the dawn of humanity.

Death by floods can be reasonably assumed to be more or less in the range of a million people a century. The number of people who die in volcanoes, tempests and hurricanes will be big too. Due to various epidemics since the birth of Jesus, more than 1000 million people have died. In the 1918 flue pandemic, 75 Million people died worldwide (source Wikipedia). Certain plagues like cholera, small pox and others decimated human groups. How do we assimilate that this is the outcome of a loving God’s loving Providence?

These hapless people had built their dreams over so many years and constructed their lives by years of toil. Everything collapses in a second. A quake or a plague kills the young, the old and those in their middle ages with all their dreams. I often think of humans rearing up pigs and slaughtering them when they want. Is not the Almighty doing the same thing with us?  He creates and kills us as He fancies; it’s all a play for Him; there is no love or meaning in the whole burlesque that He is carrying on down here.

Deadly diseases like cancer make our lives an ordeal. So many different types of cancers are haunting man today as before.  Even as I write this, there are millions of people in the world who are in agony. They suffer, suffer and suffer. Is there any help coming from above? And still Christians speak about the abundant love of their God. It affects the rich, the poor and the medium class alike. But in tsunamis, floods, quakes and hurricanes the poor suffer more. And they believe and pray God more than the elite. But when a natural disaster strikes the poor get thrashed up or simply get killed like insects.

There are so many other ills that haunt modern man: heart diseases, diabetes, pressure, urinary problems, kidney and liver failures, and innumerable other ills. There are those who are blind, deaf or mute, the physically handicapped and the imbeciles and the feeble-minded.

Why doesn’t God bring some light into the dark world of the blind? Let them see at least once the beauty of His wonderful creation. Let the deaf hear at least once the music of the wind, the twitter of the birds, and the murmur of a meandering stream. Is it not demonic to deny them such simple pleasures? Can you fathom the reason for creating a violently mad guy who has to prolong his existence with all the ill-treatment he receives from other humans apart from the ills he already received by birth?

Extreme poverty. According to UN statistics  2.8 billion people live on less than US$2/day and roughly 1.2 billion people live on less than US$1.25/day. There are at least 300 million people in India who live with less than half a US$ a day.  Malnutrition is the underlying cause of death for at least 3 million children under the age of 5 per year in the world. Thousands of adults too are dying every year too. Millions are born into the inhuman conditions of filth and dirt of blighted Areas. Will this monstrous drama of the Almighty ever end?

 3.4 million People die every year from water related diseases around the world, and roughly 768 million people do not have access to clean water.  About 35 million people are living with AIDS today. 67% of them are living in Sub-Saharan Africa. A woman dies every two minutes due to complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Only 1/2 of all the women in the under developed regions receive recommended medical attention. But why there is no pro-active action from God? His choicest creation has been suffering from the beginning of time till now and this will, in all probability, continue till the end of time.

Things happen as per the gravitational, chemical, biological and physical laws of matter. There is no interference of a god, or force-good or bad- from any where extrinsic to this world. Those who die get buried; those who survive live on. Nature is monstrously indifferent to man. We can understand these truths like light and darkness.  No god is concerned whether humans live or die, whether they succeed or fail, whether they are in pain or joy.  

Beginnings of gods.  As early humans could not understand this universe or life he deified nature phenomena. Good phenomena became benevolent gods and bad ones evil deities.  Appeasing the latter and pleasing the former followed. Millions of gods got evolved in the course of time. In tandem with the rise of powerful kings over chieftains, some gods were elevated to superior positions and later to an unassailable heights resulting in monotheism. In the course of time, fervent religious leaders established sects according to their own convictions and fancies. Now we have hundreds of such warring sects each one of them claiming to be the follower of the true god. The rivalries between the gods of the diverse sects have caused most of the wars and other communal conflicts of the world so far.

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