Saturday, March 18, 2017

Has not the Sun been more helpful than the gods?

We can figuratively say that the sun created the earth, ensured its well-being by guiding it into a harmonious orbit and ordained its fruitful destiny for billions of years. It kept us  at an optimum distance so that adequate but not more energy(unlike
the other distant frozen planets, the earth is warm but not scorching like the smaller ones nearer to the sun) reaches the earth , its size has been made optimum so that there is an atmosphere with hydrogen, oxygen, water vapor and an abundance of elements which later, using the energy  supplied by the sun, produced life here and gave momentum for evolution.  The unicellular organisms evolved with the energy from the sun diversifying into myriad life-forms and the earth is now the home of a very advanced civilization.  The sun has loved us unlike any god or goddess. It still burns its resources and immolates itself to provide adequate warmth and energy to us and this will continue till its death.   

But the gods have left humans orphaned and they have done every harm imaginable. They  made danger haunt every human footstep from day one. Humans had been constantly on the run from the faster and stronger beasts in the early period. There were marshes and sumps everywhere and so many got drowned. Human life has been extremely difficult from the earliest times when there was scarcity of food, the fury of nature, diseases and death.

In the quakes of the 20th century more than 1, 250, 000 people died. Death by floods can be reasonably assumed to be more or less in the range of a million a century. The number of people who die in volcanoes, tempests and hurricanes is  big too. Then everything collapses in a second. A quake or a plague kills the young, the old and those in their middle ages with all their dreams. Deadly diseases like cancer make human life an ordeal. So many different types of cancers haunt man today as before. Even as I write this, many are in agony; they suffer, suffer and suffer.

Extreme poverty. According to UN statistics  2.8 billion people live on less than US$2/day and roughly 1.2 billion people live on less than US$1.25/day. There are at least 300 million people in India who live with less than half a US$ a day.  Malnutrition is the underlying cause of death for at least 3 million children under the age of 5 per year in the world.  3.4 million die every year from water related diseases around the world, and roughly 768 million people do not have access to clean water.  Around 35 million live with AIDS today. A woman dies every two minutes due to complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Only 1/2 of all the women in the under developed regions receive recommended medical attention. See how the Omnipotent God gives suffering to His special creation!

Multitudes are born into the inhuman conditions of filth and dirt of blighted Areas. Gods have killed more than half of all humans as children. Those who have survived have done so out of pure luck. There is no visible purpose at all in creating those children other than bringing pain and trouble to everyone concerned. 

From the earliest times, tribes fought for their tribal all-father or deity who prodded his followers to defeat others and establish his superiority. Gods have partitioned the earth; each sect owing allegiance to a god, carved out a certain portion of the inhabited lands.  Later, when organized religions were established, they fought to establish their might and it continues to this day.

The followers of the mythological gods which flourished in the Roman Empire persecuted the early Christians and murdered many of them.  When Christianity gained upper hand (as the Roman Emperor accepted it as the official religion) it became the persecutor. The Inquisition courts in the name of its god, threw thousands alive into the dens of lions, or into boiling oil and killed or torched others. Even scientists were not spared for upholding the truth (remember Bruno and Galileo who were persecuted or burnt alive for rejecting foolishness advocated by the Church.)  

The Islamic conquerors killed innumerable followers of other gods and forcibly converted many of them into Islam at gun point.  Nobody knows how many perished in the crusades waged between Christians and Muslims! Christians and Muslims have persecuted the Jews for centuries,  Even now the Arab Israeli wars do not seem to end. 

When one religion disintegrate into a number of denominations, as did Christianity and Islam, conflicts follow. The Anglo-French wars and others of Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries were between the protestant and catholic nations. In the latter half of the twentieth century we see wars becoming common between the different sects of Islam. Continued wars between Iran and Iraq, the threat of a conflict between GCC nations and Iran emanate from the animosity between Sunnis and Shiites. Sectarian Islamic warfare is spreading wherever the sects are becoming powerful. Christian nations conquered Islamic Afghanistan and Iraq killing or maiming millions for their own motives!     

Jihadists  immolate themselves in the name of their god to murder people believing in another god. Terror has become a real threat to the existence of humans. Meaningful harmony seems to be almost impossible as one god’s demands look conflicting with another's. Followers owe allegiance to their god and their group in an emotionally charged context and communal conflicts can arise any moment in countries where different religions co-exist and can become a full-fledged war.  

The various gods of different religions are in rivalry and are competing with each other. Wars, conflicts, massacre, killing and hatred continue everywhere. There is no help coming from any one of them. No prayer is being answered ever. No help reaches the poor  who die of hunger, malnutrition and diseases. The only thing available in abundance for the poor is the religious texts like the Bible, Quran, Gita and so on which are distributed free after a quake, tsunami, cyclone, flood, famine, or plague. 

Due to anti-abortion and anti- artificial contraception polices of gods’ religions,  the poor proliferate and their life is in abject poverty. The heavenly father who feeds the birds of the air does not help them at all.  Religions have accumulated great wealth in the names of gods but they do not help the poor, the sick, or the orphaned.  The clergy have lived a luxurious life and even now the cardinals, bishops, priests -all lead a care-free life at the expense of the faithful. One in every fifty Catholic priest is a pedophile. If they have harmed 5 children each, total number of children harmed during our period will alone be more than 1.5 Million! The number of priest-sodomites will be much more. 

Stephen Hawking has declared that god is not required for the universe. Einstein had said there cannot be an immortal soul.  Gods and souls  are found only in the thinking of man or in the books written by those who lived long back and who never understood the workings of this world or life, Man’s quest for immortality, his helplessness before death makes him continue with such beliefs although they are  products of their own imagination. That could be the reason why a good percentage of the world population does not believe in any god any more.

There is no need to believe in the sun (you believe something which is not there); you understand it, the sun is so very real, concrete, living and the true reason of every breath you take. It is not a god or anything special in the scheme of the universe. It is just a star like the trillions of others. But it gave enough energy for life to spurt up and evolve into intelligent beings here. It has played the role of a traditional god unlike the thousands of gods that have surfaced. No wonder many people have worshiped it as a deity.  

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