Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Did Satan create the Christian God?

We have been told that Satan is the originator of all evil in the world. God is pure love who cannot commit any evil. He brings about everything good for man in this world. But is it the reality? The Bible shows that God is not all that good and Satan is not all that bad. 

Satan has a better moral character than God. He obeys God and does everything as desired by him. He tempted Eve as Yahweh had commanded him to do.  And he did inspire the poor woman to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge. But that turned out to be a total disaster for humans for no fault of his. He did as what he was told. He killed the children of Job again as desired by God.He tempted the prophets and Jesus when they were in the wilderness-it was they needed to prove that they would not succumb to temptation. 
Mankind has recognized Satan, the Devil as a very powerful being. The folklore of various societies acknowledge that he is more powerful than anything else. Remember, when god had created the earth, Paradise and humans, Satan was already there. By tempting Eve and making her eat the forbidden fruit he helps god unravel his whole design for humans. Satan initiated the entire process. 

The Bible shows Yahweh is more evil than Satan. God is jealous, angry and revengeful. He kills men, women, and infants and the crippled. In the deluge He saved only Noah and his family.In Sodom and Gomorrah He did not spare anyone. God's angel beheaded innocent Egyptian children. He asked Abraham to sacrifice his son. The Jews, during the Passover, had to sprinkle blood on their doorsteps to avoid God entering and killing their kids. He oppressed women and committed violence against them. He harbors hatred, allowed rape and loved incest. God demanded animal and human sacrifices and enjoyed the sweet savor of blood and burning fat. He massacred enemies  and annihilated their kingdoms.

God has brought suffering and pain to humans ever since they came upon this earth. God has killed more than half of all humans born here as children. Natural calamities like quakes, floods, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, plagues and epidemics and  diseases make them die like insects. Even today thousands are dying without food and water. Horrendous viruses of god are killing people each day. Comet and asteroid hits have almost obliterated human and animal species. God brings every conceivable evil and Satan does not.    

Lucifer was a shining angel, and a leader of angels in heaven, (Ezekiel 28:14, Psalms 99:1) But he questioned God’s authority, and God's prophets think he wanted to sit in the throne of God  (Ezekiel 28:17, Isaiah 14:13). He had a following of one third of the heavenly host and as they rebelled, there was a war, ( Rev. 12:7-9) and  they were thrown out of the heavens to the depths of hell.

The Bible is ambiguous in every chapter and every line. We cannot find a single line on the plan of god to redeem man by sending his own son to suffer, get tortured and crucified. There are some vague prophesies regarding the coming of a mighty king to redeem the Jews from slavery. There is no clarity on the original sin and why it is passed to the descendants. Why does god want animal and human sacrifices? Why does god ill-treats women and orders his tribe to stone them to death for sex with men and leave the latter untouched? We do not know why he came down to a poor country lass, Mary and made her pregnant with the child Jesus thus cheating the virtuous Joseph.  We do not know why he selects a semi-stupefied tribe as his own to the exclusion of the rest of humanity.  We do not know why this fiendish god sends his son to suffer and die when he could have washed away the sin of humans with a simple nod of his head. Again we do not know why he made the entire human race get birth in sin. May be Satan inspired the whole Bible.

Is God more evil than Satan? Could God be a creation of Satan? Ironically, the word devil comes from Deus (Latin) or diva (Sanskrit) meaning god. Whenever we speak of god we speak of devil too. Mankind has recognized Devil as the most powerful Being and it is confirmed by all the folklore religions. 

When the evil done by God is taken into consideration, we feel Satan has created him. Even the religion formed in the name of Yahweh’s son has been committing crime after crime, evil after evil. It has prompted thousands of wars like the crusades, Anglo-Saxon wars and many others. The heads of the Churches excommunicated each other precipitating bloody conflicts and rivalry. The Church, through its inquisition, persecuted millions, burnt innocent women as witches, thrown infidels into burning oil or raging fire. The original Church of Christ has got bifurcated into dozens of warring sects with contradictory doctrines.

The Church has become the richest corporation in the world and refuses to help the poor and the suffering. It is against birth control measures and prompts the poor to multiply like the sands on the sea-shore who die an ignominious death. The popes have led licentious and luxurious lives and even made their illicit sons the next popes. French Revolution started mainly because of the exploitation of the poor by the Clergy. There are so many pedophile priests today as Pope Francis has openly recognized and many others are criminals. It looks only Satan could have created this god who directs the Church. God seems to be devilish. Devil seems to be more powerful of the two and he must have created this God.   

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