Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Bible, the Worst Book Ever

I do not think there can be a more foolish thing than the Bible. God created the first parents out of His immense love. But He put them to a test and they failed. The loving God immediately opened the gates of hell and started roasting the souls of men, women and children for all eternity.  He could have forgiven them--after all Eve was tempted by the serpent God had set upon her for the purpose.Instead, God punished them in this world, in the world to come and further, passed the sin to the entire future generations! Can there be something more cruel?
The Bible is not only mere falsehood or a collection of fables gathered from here and there of the ancient period, full of transmissions and outright deceit, but also an account of God’s particular love for Israel to the exclusion of all the others. It is dominated by a fiendish and angry God who kills the entire kingdoms of Canaan area to settle his small tribe Israel. 

The Bible is hardly something we should be teaching our children or anyone for that matter. God was so happy killing children and infants. He killed every infant, toddler and children in the deluge he sent to destroy everything. When he annihilated Sodom and Gomorrah with fire and brimstone, he just didn’t bother about infants, toddlers or kids. He had a special love for killing the firstborn in his monstrous campaigns against the Egyptians. He sent his angels to behead their firstborns. His passion to kill the first born remained alive for ever. The Israelite celebrated the Passover and sprinkled blood on their doorposts so that God wouldn't kill their firstborn children (Hebrews 11:28) like he did those of the Egyptians as recorded in the Exodus.

The OT books are narrations regarding the lives, of the Israelite, their animal sacrifices, rituals, wars, cruelty, social life and relationship with their tribal chief.  The choosing of a small tribe, at a particular period of human history, to reveal His mind and His grand plan to redeem man from the pits they had been thrown into  with the original sin, is against the universality of any Supreme, all-loving Being. Those who lived before Christ and the vast majority of those who lived later have not heard of Him or got convinced of Him.

The Bible is full of violence and ugly stories, with a few seemingly good platitudes and parables interspersed. Anyone who has read the Bible independently will find it hardly worth reading. But still, preachers, teachers, priests, bishops, cardinals and the Popes, setting aside the intrinsic controversies, fallacies, fictitious stories, misleading concepts, sexy narrations, descriptions of vengeance, anger and utter nonsense, propagate that it is the ‘word of God.’ Their programmed brains do not see the obscenities, tortuous massacres, unrelenting vindictiveness, hundreds of pages of God’s anger and vengeance. God is pictured as an ethnic maniac who loved the smell of burnt blood, and fatty flesh.

There are several filthy, violent or sexy passages in the Bible, including genocide, murder, rape, incest, and explicit sex narrations. There are descriptions of how Lot’s daughters have sex with their father to get pregnant! It cannot be a one day affair as getting pregnant will not happen overnight. It is written Cain, after killing Abel, knew his "wife "(his own mother was the only one woman alive at that time as there is no mention of a sister for Cain in the Bible). Abraham marries his half-sister and God approves it. Onan was asked to have sex with his brother’s (whom God had killed) wife and since Onan refused to impregnate her God kills him too. Among those who have several wives and concubines are Gideon, Elkanah, David, Rehoboam, Abijah, and Solomon. Collecting more wives and sex slaves was a sign of status in God’s book. King Solomon, with thousands of wives and concubines was a great hero. He sees women as accursed and treats them as sex objects of men and oppresses them. He encouraged slavery and stoning of women if their hymen was not intact at marriage. 

There cannot be anything more foolish than the teaching that God Almighty sent His only son to die for the sins of man. A simple wish of his must have obliterated the first sin. He could have simply forgiven the first parents’ simple disobedience and the entire mankind would have been free of the Original Sin. It is foolish to think Almighty God walked through the rugged terrains of Palestine to get struck, scourged and crucified! (How did God locate this infinitesimally small earth in the entire universe with 200 billion galaxies and trillions and trillion of stars and planets?) I do not think any writer/poet or dreamer has ever woven a more fictitious stuff than what is in the gospels.  Unknown authors made a Jew a god like the young pagan gods born of virgins and who did many miracles, died young and resurrected to save their people.  Paul invented the theory of redemption and he gave a meaning for the crucifixion of a Jew. 

How can this thing be the best book? How does it become the bestselling Book? May be they are forced upon people as they force children to accept Christianity without any consent from them. Christianity has been doing so from the time the Roman Empire chose it as its official religion. Modern day terrorists and serial killers must have learnt a lesson or two from the Old Testament practices like stoning adulterous women, raping, oppressing, beheading firstborns, massacring people and animals and annihilating entire opposition armies even by throwing heavy stones from heaven. This book needs to be banned as it leads people to violence, oppression, deceit, falsehood and treachery.

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