Friday, March 10, 2017

Atheism, the absolute Truth!

There is nothing special about human life that comes and goes like a bubble in a millisecond compared to the cosmic time scale. Life evolved in the primordial conditions of the earth (a spec in the Solar system) with enough energy from the sun, abundance of elements, electricity (from lightening), hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide. It took 3.5 billion years for humans (with the brain complexity to produce consciousness) to evolve from the unicellular organisms. The earth is so very tiny in the Milky Way galaxy that has 200 billion stars like our sun. Its size will tends to zero in this universe which has 20 trillion such galaxies!  Our life will get extinguished with the death of our brain. The whole human race may not last long here. A comet had obliterated the dinosaurs earlier. A huge Volcanic eruption (Thoba) had almost finished off the evolving Homo Sapiens. The 10,000 or so left out, survived the extreme cold (as the sun was blocked with dust and rock particles for long) and they evolved and spread across this globe and here we are by sheer accident. There must be trillions of earth like-planets in the habitable zones of their stars perhaps with life coming and going just in a flicker. Human life,, the earth, solar system and even the Milky Way has no special status. All, including the universe, are set to die and end up.

The earth-bound-gods will perish in no time. The Greek, Roman and Egyptian mythological gods- Osiris, Dionysus, Mithras, Cybele, Horus, Zeus, Apollo, Adonis, Eros, Hercules, Isis, and thousands of others have died. Some of them like Zeus & Apollo were stronger than today's mighty Yahweh or Allah. Hundreds of Indian Vedic gods - very powerful once- have become defunct or dead and so are the nature gods like Vauna (wind god), Indra (god of thunder) and Agni (fire-god). Hundreds of weird gods and goddesses like Chinnamasta (Hindu and Buddhist goddess), Pan (Greek god), Sheila Na Gigs (lustful pagan goddess)  Baron Samedi (Haitian god of death) are all buried. Allah, Yahweh, Jesus, Buddha, Brahma, Krishna, Rama, Siva, Vishnu, Hanuman and some others are the remaining gods. By a simple deduction form the past experience with gods, the present mighty ones will also die soon. Yahweh, the Christian god is already dying and Jesus is replacing him.

You believe in a religion if you happen to be born in a religious family. Religions don’t make people think or reason out. Their command is simple: just believe. Theists believe in their god and whatever their religion says. Whether it is objectively good or bad, true or false, does not matter.

There are now many religions with opposing and contradictory doctrines and gods. Christians believe in a trinity-father, son and the holy spirit. Islam believes in Allah (who is seen in Quran for the first time), Hindus believe in many gods some good and some bad.. Buddhists believe in no god, they are basically atheists. There is no consensus on god. Each believes in his own god, different from the others. 

There is no universal god.  Further, the believers in a  god do not believe in any other god. The only difference between believers and atheists is that atheist does not believe in any god, whereas theists believe in just their god/s. If all the other gods do not exist other than the god one believes in, it is amply clear the majority of the population are almost atheists except that they do not deny their deity. They deny all others. Hence atheism that believes there is no god is the truth.

All humans are the same in their genetic and cognitive levels. If there is a god and if he wanted to send a message, he would do so to the entire humans. Can anybody believe that He will come down to this tiny spec (the earth), choose a semi-stupefied tribe to reveal himself, leaving the vast majority of the population orphaned? In the Bible, God revealed himself to Moses in a bush, in Quran Allah revealed himself to just one person, Mohammed, and the Hindu gods never revealed themselves to anyone in particular. Buddha never said he is god.  

The bloodiest massacres and the cruelest atrocities were carried out by the religious guys.The worst religious ideas that have  surfaced so far: conflict, cruelty, chosen people, blasphemy, genital mutilation, blood sacrifice, hell, karma, female oppression, massacre, oppression, stoning to death, beheading, persecution… The history of religions shows that they have created hatred, violence and inspired its followers to commit cruelties in the name of their god which as humans they would never attempt to. People believe in a cruel god without being aware men give gods the passion they themselves have.

Probably the strongest argument for god is that we need to believe in god even if he is not there. Many believe that such a belief creates a social order to make humans happy. Religions do not make people happy or make them co-exists in peace. ‘Religion has been,’ as Philip Adams puts it, ‘an aphrodisiac for horror, Benzedrine for bestiality. At best it has lifted spirits and raised spires. At worst it has turned entire civilizations into cemeteries.’

Atheists never believe in anything. They reason out and they understand. Theists believe; they have faith. Atheists are willing to change if proper evidence is produced. Theists' minds are closed. They believe anything they have been programmed to believe, even if it is stupid and foolish.  

In Global Peace Index rankings for 2009 (assessing 23 criteria, including foreign wars, internal conflicts, human rights violations, number of murders, number of people in jail, arms trade, and no democracy) all the countries with the lowest rates-Iceland, Japan, Austria, Norway, Ireland, Denmark, Luxembourg, Finland, Sweden and  New Zealand are all pretty non-religious. The top scorers are: Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Sudan, Pakistan, Israel, Russia, Georgia, Chad and Congo are all deeply religious!  

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development has found, taking into account indicators of societal well-being that the most religious US states like Mississippi and Alabama have the worst quality of life.  Vermont and New Hampshire, the least religious states, have the best quality of life. The Pew Forum’s Religious landscape survey also finds that the least religious states - with the lowest level of faith in god and Church attendance -are better than the more religious in measures including homicide, violent crimes, poverty, obesity, diabetes, sex-diseases and teen pregnancy!

Religious belief seems to do more harm than good. K Guardian columnist George Monbiot says, "if you want people to behave as Christians advocate, you should tell them God does not exist.” Paul Zukerman’s detailed research shows: violent crime and murder rates are lower in secular sociteies and higher in religious societies.  A 1999 US Barna study had shown that atheist and agnostics have lower divorce rates than religious Americans. And conservative religious women experienced higher rates of domestic violence than non-affiliated. Most atheistic nations like the top ten mentioned above report the highest levels of happiness.

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