Sunday, March 12, 2017

A Simple Fact Proves There is No God!

Demographists suggest that the death rate among medieval children in UK was around 25% in the first year, 12.5% between one and four, and about 6% between five and nine(Nicholas Orme, University of Exeter). It works out to around 44% before the age of ten. If in UK so many children died, in the other parts of the world it would be more or less of the same pattern. About 400-500 years back 44 children out of 100 died before reaching the age of ten. I think it would be reasonable to assume that half of them did not become adults. If we project this to 2000 years and more backwards we can easily assume that one out of two children died before the age of ten and may be  only 45 out of 100 reached adulthood.  
Child-Deaths have come down in the modern era. Child mortality rate 180 per thousand in 2060  has come down to around 45 in 2015 as per UN estimates. But more children still die before reaching the age of ten. According to UN estimates 6.3 million children under the age of five died in 2013. WHO estimates 5.9 million of them died in 2015, 16 000 every day. But when we consider more than 100,000 years humans have  been here on this planet, child-death has come down substantially only in the last 2 or 3 centuries as medicine, science and living standards advanced. In all the 99700 years child death continued unabated. And God has nothing to do with this reduction in the child death rates.  The pertinent question: why do gods let them suffer and die like insects?  
They have suffered greatly throughout man’s history. Some of them have died due to contagious and other diseases; others died due to inadequate food and water. Natural calamities –like floods, hurricane, quakes, tsunamis, volcanoes have massacred them too. If god cannot protect and help them grow into adulthood why does He create them? There is no visible purpose at all in creating children other than bringing pain and trouble to everyone concerned. Is He a Monster who enjoys creating and massacring them haphazardly at his whim and fancy?
Children cannot use freewill
If Christians say children will go to heaven, why the hell are they sent to this world? They don’t reach adulthood and hence cannot use their freewill to merit heaven or deserve hell. If God sends them to heaven out of His love, is there any purpose for creating them? They suffer out of hunger and thirst or they are in pain due to diseases until they die. Their suffering causes pain to their loved ones too. Their deaths break the hearts of the poor parents who so painfully conceived, gave birth and brought them up.

Even today children die without food, water or both.Youngsters go to school hungry, tired and half naked. They live in filth by the side of stinking drains and on footpaths. A Child dies every six minutes in Africa. 3000 children die in India every day! They are all suffering and their life is an ordeal without food, clothes, home and medical care. According to Global Issues, (2014 estimates) 21000 children die around the world each day! One child is dying every 4 seconds. 900 children die in an hour!  The silent killers are poverty, hunger, easily preventable diseases and illnesses, and other related causes. Where are the gods?

As per the Population Reference Bureau (PRB) a total of more than 108 billion humans have been born here.  Out of them 50-55% must have died (before reaching adulthood) as we estimated earlier, up to the modern times. In the last 3 centuries or so the child death rate has come down.               
           We interpolate deaths of children from the PRB table for total population from 50,000 B.C. 
Period                 total births            total child (before14) deaths in millions
50,000 B.C.-        -                              assumed % given in brackets. 
8000 B.C.         1,137,789,769                625  (55%)               
1 A.D.              46,025,332,354            25313    ”
1200                26,591,343,000            14625    ”
1650               12,782,002,453               7030    ”
1750                 3,171,931,513                1114 (50%)
1850                 4,046,240,009                1820 (45%)
1900                 2,900,237,856                1160  (40%)
1950                 3,390,198,215                1017  (30%)
1995                 5,427,305,000                1085  (20%)    
2011                 2,130,327,622                  213  (10%)    
Total child deaths:      54302 million or 54 billion up to 2011 from from 50,000 B.C. More deaths would have happened before that and we leave it as we don't have even a guess.   

As I write this, thousands of children are dying in Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, India, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Mozambique and in many other nations.  If gods have been killing almost half of all people getting birth here, what is their purpose of creating humans? Those who survive do so randomly or out of luck. There is no conscious interference from any god.  No purpose is served in creating them as they die without ever exercising freewill. Why do gods create the psychotic, the patients of hysteria, the hydro-cephalic, the brain deficient, the mentally retarded and the imbeciles (about 5% of the population) who need others’ help just to prolong their existence and who are in perpetual pain.  Most of them do not enjoy any freedom at all to deliberate and decide their actions. Without freewill the children and the mentally retarded cannot do anything to attain heaven, moksha, nirvana, anything in the afterlife.
As the Creator has no definite plan or purpose for their creation, the only inference is either He is not an Intelligent Being or He has nothing to do with the birth, life and death of humans. Either way, we are compelled necessarily to reach the conclusion that there is no god. 

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