Wednesday, March 8, 2017

20 Questions (on the OT) to the Christian Believers..

1. Is not the Bible creation-narration simply a myth?  How could God create light before creating the sun?  Evolution took 3.5 billion years for humans to appear. How could god create all living things  in one shot?  Church theologians think that the first humans lived around 5000-8000 years back. But a few hundred thousand years have elapsed since they appeared on the earth.   
2. Why did god send the test to the first parents knowing fully well they would fail? Why did God delegate the wily serpent to tempt them with his sweet talk and cogent arguments?  If they failed using their free-will, why didn’t god simply reprimand them and allow them to continue in the Paradise? Why did God send all imaginable sufferings to Adam and Eve and then castigate their souls into eternal fire?         
 3. How can a simple disobedience of the first parents become an original sin and get passed on to the offspring? What did the coming generations do to inherit it?       
 4. Why is Bible ambiguous in every chapter and every line? Nothing is clear or precise.
 5. Why we cannot find a single line on the plan of god to redeem man by sending his own son to suffer, get tortured and crucified? There are some vague prophesies regarding the coming of a mighty king to redeem the Jews from slavery.  We come to know about god's plan of redemption only after St. Paul constructs his theory of redemption.       
6. Why did god choose a small tribe as His own and reveal himself to them to the exclusion of all the others who are still groping the dark?
7. Why did god demand animal and even human sacrifices? Why did this Almighty love the sweet savor of blood and fat?
8.  How could he kill the ten children of Job and give him later 10 other beautiful ones? Does He have no respect for human life?
9.   Why had the Jews to sprinkle blood on their doorsteps during the Passover to safeguard their children? Why were they afraid god would walk in to kill their kids?
10. Why were his chosen people enslaved by the Assyrians, Romans and others?
11. Why is this god full of hatred, jealousy and revenge?
12. Why does god massacre people including women, invalids, infants and the crippled? He did not bother about them when he sent the deluge, or when he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.
13. Why did this God send his angels to slit the throats of the thousands of the Egyptian firstborns?
      Why did he close the Red Sea as the Egyptian army approached and killed all m,en and beasts?
14. Why does the Bible god oppress women? Why does he want a bride with a broken hymen be stoned  to death? Why does he want a girl who had sex with a man to be brought to her father’s   house and stoned to death by the men of the city?  Why women were simply the possessions of men?
15. Why did he agree with rape and promote it? Why did he ask his commanders to keep all virgins?
16. Why did god accept and promote slavery?    
17. Why did God promote incest as many stories in the Bible show?
      Why did he promote polygamy? There were so many like David with hundreds of wives.
18. The second commandment of God (as given to Moses) is not to have idols. But the Christian churches are full of idols. Why?
19. Why did god turn against the Israelite, his own people?  Why did he let the destruction of the temple of Jerusalem?   Why did Yahweh abandon his own chosen race? Further, why did he let Christians, who follow his own son, turn against his chosen tribe and persecute them?
20. Why does god forget his covenant with Abraham and his insistence on circumcision? His new followers (Christians) could keep their foreskin.

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