Sunday, February 12, 2017

Why not bury gods forever?

I was a student for catholic priesthood and I stealthily read the forbidden books in the seminary (like those on the origin of religions, humans and gods.) Jewish scholars had shown that Jesus was not the expected messiah and the tribe was still waiting for his coming. In the meantime a new religion started in the name of a firebrand Jew whom the evangelists made a god like the mythical ones. And the same god Yahweh turned against his bosom people, Jews and persecuted them for 2000 years!   

Yahweh was the god of the Israelite tribe who later became the universal god. How did a tribal deity evolve into the Almighty? He was earlier a war and storm god with a cohort Asherah- who somehow got on to the lower rungs of the Canaanite pantheon of gods and he was assigned to the kingdoms Israel and Judah. The Hebrew, fiery  prophets insisted they worship him without Asherah and he was made  the Supreme God of the Jews and later that of the Christians. Allah seems to be another version of this god as Mohammed accepts the OT.

Christianity says unequivocally "God loves you unconditionally.Nothing changes God's love for his children. If god is not loving it means there is no god." Let us check it out from the Bible.   .
  •       Knowing fully well the first parents would fail, why did god send the test? Did he not love them at all? Did he want to punish them?
  •       God created hell and started roasting human souls in the raging fire for ever and ever for a small disobedience of the first parents. The punishment is infinitely disproportionate to the crime. Peter Saunders says,'A good god wouldn't send people to hell.' 
  •         The selection of one tribe as his own to the exclusion of all the others, protecting them like a fiend and killing others for them simply shows god has no love for the majority of people.
  •       If there was a god  wanting humans to follow his commandments, he would have revealed them to all unequivocally and not to a select tribe. Even today Christians alone accept him as god and try to follow his rules. 
  •       Estimates show that half of all humans who have gotten                         birth here have died as children after lots of suffering without ever using free-will. (Surveys show 5000 children will be diagnosed with Leukemia this year    in US alone!) If they are hurled into hell-for whatever reason-god is a monster. If he gives them heaven,why doesn’t he reward all?  What is the need for a religion at all? 
  •         Why does god create the mentally retarded, the feeble minded and the psychotic who cannot use their freewill to do anything to merit heaven? Is god mad?
  •        God has been cruel to humans from the start. He has sent hurricanes, quakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, plagues, contagious diseases and has decimated them. Horrendous viruses have killed them too. A good portion of them are in abject poverty and wait for deliverance through death!
  •       Christianity has fragmented into hundreds of warring  sects with different beliefs.  They have waged thousands of wars, communal riots and               engaged in murder, pillage and mayhem in the name of the same god.  Can there be a god who guides all these?
  •        Majority of humans living today, as before, do not think the Christian god is the true god. Each religion has its god and the followers fight others to establish their god is the true one.    
How did gods emerge?                                                                                           
Early man with his ignorance of nature and his own life, was wonder struck at the splendors around him and started deifying them. There are thousands of nature gods-in charge of forces like: water, vegetation, sky, sun, fire, death, and fertility in each civilization. Wikipedia gives the names of the nature deities of the Greek, Roman,Egyptian, Chinese, Finnish, English and Indian mythologies.                        Evil phenomena were made evil gods. Hosts of Dungeon and dragon deities are mentioned again by Wikipedia.  Asuras-superhuman demons- are bad gods in the Indian texts who compete for power with the good deities.  Good and bad gods exist together everywhere. According to Hindu scriptures there are 320 million gods. Vishnu and Siva are considered supreme gods by Hindu believers. Man has created the gods and a majority of them has already died and gone.

Evolution of the almighty In the course of time, social hierarchy –chieftains, lords, kings, emperors-evolved and this crept into the gods’ world too. Some gods became more powerful than others and eventually an all-powerful one emerged. 

Humans don't believe in the majority of  gods.  The difference between a believer of a particular religion and another one is much more than the difference between an atheist and a theist. Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Buddhists, Jains, Taoists, Confucians –and many others do not believe Jesus is god or that he came down and got crucified to atone for the sins of humans.  All religious believers other than Muslims do not think Allah is god.  Muslims believe that the gods of other religions are not gods at all. 

 Protestants disagree with Catholics about the virginity of Mary. Hindus think there are many gods unlike monotheistic Muslims, Christians and Jews.  Except Christians and Muslims no one thinks of a heaven or hell. The ultimate goal of life for Hindus is emancipation from the cycle of birth and rebirth. For the Buddhists it is Nirvana.  Each community believes what they do, not because it is the objective truth but because most people don’t have reasons beyond that making them comfortable in a community. They believe what their group do.  

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