Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Trump in reverse gear!

While most of the advanced nations are becoming less religions,Trump is bringing more god and marching ahead with a medieval mindset. Trump wants to lift a 1954 ban and allow Christian Churches participate in elections and get political power. Is this not truly a retrograde step?

He has brought Franklin Graham (son of Billy Graham) into lime light and many evangelists leaders call him 'a friend.'

Trump's presidential inauguration was more godly than others' since George Washington laid his hands on the Bible during his swearing in.  His spiritual adviser Paula White led the prayers. New York cardinal Timothy prayed too. Trump invoked god (who has infused souls  into children) to bless them and unify the civilized (Christian?) world against infidels and  Islamic fundamentalists. Does this sound
like the tone of the crusades? Is it not against the scientific view that world and life self-originated?

 His education secretary Betsy Devos wants more  religion in schools. Perhaps they will teach that god created the world and humans like the Church of England does in their schools in UK. His campaign manger and now a senior adviser, is mass-going and fervent Catholic.

We all know less religious societies-Scandinavian and the western European nations, Japan, Korea, Canada and Australia- are more caring, with less crime rate, teenage pregnancy and violence. They are richer and more developed too.  Is the new president with his pronounced pro-life stand and a ban-abortion-attitude taking the country backwards to poverty, suffering, mayhem, and unrest?

Naturally Every American is worried about their future.

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