Monday, February 6, 2017

No-religion--world’s fastest growing religion!

Do you know more and more people are identifying as atheists now more than ever before? 

Up to 13% of the world population is atheists, says PewResearch. People who do not believe in any religion will be, probably, more. Even in the US more people are becoming atheists as per the study.  
People are coming to realize there is nothing divine about any religion. 

Isn't it clear from the Bible that Jesus was a Jew who wanted Jews to return to Yahweh? Being against the hypocrisy of the Jewish elite, he labeled them 'sons of vipers'and 'white washed tombs.' They put hands together and forced the Romans to crucify him. How can the punishment meted out by the then rulers become atonement for the sins of the world? 

It could be Paul's idea who was familiar with gods who died young and resurrected to save them. One day a bleeding, cross-carrying Jesus came to Paul in a dream. ‘Why did a good and just man die like that,’ he asked himself. He had a new awakening; Jesus was carrying the sins of the world. With the doctrine of redemption, he started laying the foundations of Christianity.

The raw blood of a bull was eaten to have divine life in Mithraism. May be Paul got the idea of the Holy Eucharist form such cults. Baptism was already practiced by the Jews. He adopted the Mithraic Sunday instead of Jewish Sabbath and later Christmas & Easter.       
Since Jesus was like the mythical gods, he had to be born of a virgin. Gospels written later  in Greek, which Jesus and his disciples did not know, accepted Pauline ideas and made Jesus a god-man with plenty of miracles . Pictures of Jesus and Mary that had a remarkable resemblance of the older picture of Osiris and Horus were set up in the new Churches....  
We all know Islam started with the ideas of Mohammed who had many wives, the youngest almost a child. He brought in Allah, at whose command he said and did everything.  It was appealing to men and he got followers easily. He conquered those who  did not agree. A new faith with a new god got in place.

who does not know that Hindu gods originated from  nature? Buddhism began with the teachings of Buddha.  Why should people believe  in any of these?

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