Saturday, February 25, 2017

If Constantine did not adopt Christianity,it would have died and gone!

A new mythical god and religion begins
In the Greco-Roman world, the most dominant cult was that of a savior (pagan fertility god Osiris-Dionysus) who suffered persecution, died, and then rose up again from the dead. Other gods like Tammuz, Adonis, Mithra, and Attis, died and resurrected too. Ishtar was a famous vegetation god who died and resurfaced. The followers of a firebrand Jew–especially Paul and the unknown evangelists-replaced the pagan gods with Jesus and a new religion very similar to the ones that existed before evolved. Paul had already felt in his emotional trances that the poor Jew, Jesus, crucified as a public nuisance by the Romans, suffered and died for the sins of humans. He thought of it repeatedly and the doctrine of redemption got formulated and established.  

Paul starts Christianity 
Once the doctrine of redemption was in place, the anonymous gospel authors invented even a plan of Yahweh to redeem humans from their original sin. In the 4 Gospels, sealed as the official ones by the Early Church (burning the rest) had attempted to make the Jew a god like the mythical ones with virgin birth and many miracles. They also tried to interpret some of the vague prophesies of the OT that had nothing to do with the coming of a redeemer of sins-as fulfilled in this Jewish critique. The rationale for a new religion was in place and a new sect spread under an enthusiastic Paul's leadership.  

Roman emperor adopts Christianity 
Helena, (250-330 AD), who became the consort of the future Roman Emperor Constantius Chlorus (reigned 293-306) embraced the new sect. And for this reason alone she was made a saint although she was of dubious character. She motivated her son Constantine to become a Christian at a critical juncture after he won a war and thus the nascent sect of a Nazarene became the official religion of the Roman Empire! Constantine ordered the death of his eldest son Crispus that led to the execution of his wife Fausta as well. Such a murderer was made a  saint too by the Catholic Church as a reward. 

Christianity flourishes  
When the Roman Empire made this new off-shoot their official religion, Christianity with all its foolish doctrines prospered and became rich. It made the OT's terrible, killer, tribal-chief Yahweh into a loving Almighty God.  It turned against the Jews-the chosen people of Yahweh- killing, maiming or banishing. It persecuted followers of other religions and threw them into the dens of lions or burning oil. The inquisition courts of the Church burnt witches, murdered scientists like Bruno and imprisoned Galileo for not accepting the foolish geocentric and other nonsense doctrines of the Church. The Church imposed its foolish dogmas on millions and millions under the patronage of the Roman and later by the Byzantine empires.It became a solid, rich and all-powerful religion. 

People are easily deceived with religion 
People can easily be deceived if programmed from early childhood. A religion is a non-truth for those who do not belong to that. True Christians think all other religions are falsehood and that the Bible is the only way to salvation. Islam believes that Quran and prophet Mohammed are the only truths to attain heaven.  Buddhists believe both of them are wrong. Communists think there is no god and there is no need for a religion (It is opium). A religious group's belief has no meaning, whatsoever. It's all programmed into the individuals over the course of time.    

During the 1st century there were very few Christians in the Roman Empire.
People believed in Mithra and in the Greek, Roman and Egyptian mythological gods.  Later when Constantine embraced Christianity so many of them got converted forcibly or otherwise and the new religion and its precepts became the truth and they dumped their previous beliefs. After Mohammed established Islam, many nations were conquered and the people there got converted forcibly into it. Whatever they believed before became nonsense. The Persian and Arabian conquests of India made millions of Hindus embrace Islam who accepted it as the new truth. Earlier, Buddhist missionaries had converted the followers of other religions into Buddhism and the new converts simply accepted it; whatever they had believed earlier turned falsehood. There is no objective truth in any such faith, spread with force or coercion. 

It was a pure chance occurrence that Helena accepted Christianity and she made her son, Constantine, the emperor, covert into it. That is a momentous event in the history of Christianity and if it had not  happened, the religion would have been already dead and buried under 6 feet long back. Under the patronage of the Roman empire it flourished, Christ became a god and Jews got rejected. In the course of centuries Catholic Church had both temporal and spiritual power and it tortured, killed and intimidated anyone who did not believe whatever it came to profess.