Friday, February 24, 2017

How gods harm humans!

What is the true nature of god?
There are so many gods in the world: anthropomorphic, monstrous, naked, virulent, nature-phenomena, monkey-elephant-multiple-headed and formless ones. There are male, female, and gender less gods with and without wives/children. Some gods are loving, others demonic or a mix of everything. Many gods have already died and gone; a few survive today.      

Different religions have very different ideas of what god is.

They even disagree about basic issues. How many gods there are? what is their nature? Are they are male or female? Do  they have a family? Religions such as Buddhism, Jainism and Taoism lack a concept of god; they are atheistic. Christianity has a trinity of Gods. Judaism and Islam have one god. Hinduism is pantheistic with thousands of gods of all shapes. Some societies are animistic. There is no consensus among religions as to what god actually is.They are different;their similarity is simply superficial.

Even the ultimate purpose of life is different in each religion. Buddhism speaks of Nirvana-the cessation from attachment. For Christianity it is spiritual life with god in heaven. Islam’s heaven is a material one full of worldly pleasures. Hinduism promises Moksha- escape from life and rebirth cycles. There is no consensus here too. Even morality is altogether different. What is good in one religion can be bad or no good in another. What is strictly enforced in a faith has no meaning in another. In short their gods are different, their purpose of life is different and their morality is different.

Major religions have a number of conflicting sects too. Look at Christianity: there are many competing groups with different beliefs. Catholics, Protestants, Calvinists, Anglicans, Presbyterians, Orthodox-each one having a number of sub sects with their own theology and liturgy and each one convinced that it is true. Islam has Shiites, Sufis, and Sunnis and their denominations. Religions have waged thousands of wars and their different sects have fought and killed each other. They divide people and instill hatred and mistrust among them. People kill others in the name of their god probably to establish god's superiority. Religion and gods have done more harm than good to humans.

Theists should question their beliefs because of the harm they have caused and will cause.  Religion represents a huge financial burden on them.  It's not just a matter of religious believers wasting their money on churches/temples/mosques/pagodas and so on.  Think of all the time and effort spent building them, for praying, attending religious liturgy, sermons and classes. How all that effort could be better spent! This is a wrong focus of the resources of man. If the wealth and effort so earmarked is spent for quality living, poverty alleviation or for helping the poor, the orphaned, the crippled, the retarded and the imbeciles, this world would have been a better place to live in.

What have gods to do with humans even if they exist? They do not seem to interact with the world in any way. Natural calamities (quakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, plagues and even big meteorite strikes) have been going on. Horrendous viruses have decimated his favorite creation, A good percentage of people have been  in abject poverty.  Gods do not bother/interfere  at all. At least there is nothing detectable nor is there any physical manifestation. If god does not interact with our universe,  it is of no consequence whether he exists or not. Let him be there; let him not be.  t
1.6 million religious guys live as parasites!
Catholic priests:         4,14,313 (Wikipedia)+bishops and cardinals.                                                         Christian Nuns:          7,20,000                                                                                                                 Protestant  Pastors:       79,715 
Muslims priests          3,01,318?                                                                                                                 Hindu priests:            1,12, 279?                                                                                                             Think more than  1.6 million religious guys live as parasites on the earnings of the rest! Time, effort and focus of 5 billion (total religious population)  for religious activities is a colossal waste!   

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