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How 2.2 Billion Christians believe this crap?

Bible-God created a geocentric world! 

The Bible says (in Genesis) that its God created sun, moon, stars, earth.. the whole world, all living beings and humans in 6 days (around 8000 years back!) Being tired, he rested on the 7th day. Today we know how that the sun with its planets, Milky Way galaxy (with >100 billion stars),the visible universe (with >200 billion such galaxies) evolved in  13.8 billion years after the Big bang! Even our earth and its star are 4.5 billion years old! Life originated here 3.5 billion years back and it took almost 3.5 billion years for humans to evolve. In this vast universe, the earth is infinitesimally small and its sun is like an atom when compared to the size of the universe. There must be billions of stars the light of which (traveling at 300,000 kms a second) have not yet reached the earth. This dot earth is not a huge object to command a central position (as mentioned in the Bible) so that other mighty objects revolve round it! Such creation stories are common in many societies of antiquity.  

Murderous Bible God

The Bible God is pictured as a notoriously revengeful deity. This fiendish and angry God killed the entire kingdoms of Canaan to settle his small, chosen tribe, Israel. He had a special love for killing children and He sent his angel to behead all the firstborns of Egyptians. In Deuteronomy we read that the Bible god was a terror who made 'His arrows drunk with blood, and his swords devoured flesh.' The total number of people God personally killed is 2,821,364 according to Steve Well.  OT God was pro-male. He loved  oppressing women, stoning adulterous girls to death, raping captured virgins, encouraged slavery,and annihilated enemy armies even by throwing heavy stones from heaven. He loved the smell of blood and burnt fat and He commanded his people to kill and sacrifice animals (and humans?) to Him. The only thing OT god does not have is love of any kind.  

Original sin and redemption-foundations of Christianity-have no meaning! 

If God really wanted to make humans happy He could have avoided sending a foolish test to the first parents. He knew, that they would fail. He had a practical experience with angels before and He never seems to learn. (He had punished Lucifer and a host of others for rebelling). Still He decided to test them and sent the wily serpent to tempt Eve. The poor woman failed. He drove them out of the paradise, sent diseases, pain, death and all conceivable hardships.The loving God created an everlasting hell to roast their souls after death. If God's love stopped his horrendous punishments with that- for eating a forbidden fruit under the prompting of His wily serpent- there was no need for the Bible, Jesus or Christianity! God passed the sin to each and every future man and woman.  A small disobedience became a mortal sin of 108 billion humans-born so far! 

Why didn't God wash away its consequences with a  nod of His head or a wave of His little finger? There would then be no need for His only Son to get tortured, scourged, beaten and crucified as atonement! The entire foundation of Christianity rests on the silly and meaningless Original Sin that made god create hell and bring all suffering on earth. It necessitated the grand plan of God to to send his son and save humans. 

The 108 billion Humans have no part in that disobedience and hence the the atonement for that sin by god's begotten son is just nonsense.or bullshit. The foundations of Christianity thus totter and fall. 

A firebrand Jew is made a god-man 

The NT speaks of  a miracle-making god-man,a Jew from Galilee. The Jewish historian Josephus & Roman historian Tacitus of his time does not say a single line about this Almighty. There is no other historical document. The 4 gospels made canonical by the early Church (burning all the others)- written after 100 years of his death, by unknown people in Greek, which neither Jesus nor his disciples knew, are the only source. 
It can be reasonably assumed  that Jesus lived and died a Jewish Pharisee. He exhorted the Jews to return to the ways of Yahweh. He could have been a righteous man who lived poor and loved the poor. But he called the hypo-critic Jewish elite 'white washed tombs' and 'sons of serpents.' At the instigation of the Jews the Roman procurator Pontius Pilate crucified Jesus as a public nuisance in Jerusalem. Many felt that the poor guy wouldn't have to suffer so ignominiously and some of them started thinking Jesus suffered for their sins. 

Paul started Christianity with the theory of redemption

St Paul, moved by the vision of a 'cross-carrying bleeding Christ,' asserted he had suffered for the sins of others. Slowly the doctrine of redemption was on a solid foundation. So was the foundation of a new religion based on that doctrine. Christianity had its beginning in Paul's brain. He adopted the rituals of Mithra-ism, Cybele  cult and many other mythological religions of his time. He adopted Holy Eucharist, Christmas and Easter as such from them. Baptism was already in Judaism. Like Mithra, Osiris-Dionysus and others Jesus was given a virgin birth and he was made to do so many miracles by the evangelists who made the good guy a dying and resurrecting god. Poor Jesus had not thought of any such development in his life. He was content being a Torah-abiding Jewish preacher-critic who wanted his people to return to Yahweh. The stories of the gospels seem to be pure fabrications evolved  in a foreign land, Greece, as mentioned in 100 years. 

No plan of saving in OT 

In the whole of the OT we do not find any plan of Yahweh to redeem humans from their original sin, other than predictions of a mighty king to redeem the Jews from their slavery. And the Jews are still waiting for the Messiah. We come to know of it only after St. Paul constructed his theory. The Roman crucifixion of an ordinary Jew got a new meaning. How can a punishment meted out by the rulers of the time become atonement for the sins of mankind?  

How can Yahweh turn against his chosen people, the Jews? 
Yahweh the god of the Jews, who had freed the Israelite from their Egyptian slavery and settled them in Canaan after massacring thousands of soldiers of the kingdoms of Canaan to settle them, traveled with them in the desert in an arc, and protected them like a fiend, later turned against them. He instigated the newly formed Christians to persecute His own people! The people of Abraham, with whom Yahweh had entered into a covenant got rejected and discarded as enemies.God forgot his covenant with Abraham and his insistence on circumcision: his new followers could keep their foreskin and they simply had to get washed in water in His name. The whole thing is shit, bullshit

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