Saturday, February 4, 2017

Dying species of gods; living humans

 We have worshiped all types of gods: monsters, naked, virulent, elephant-monkey&multiple-headed. The Greek, Roman and Egyptian mythological gods- Osiris, Dionysus, Mithras, Cybele, Horus, Zeus, Apollo, Adonis, Eros, Hercules, Isis, and thousands of others have died too.  Some of them like Zeus & Apollo were stronger than today's mighty Yahweh or Allah. Hundreds of Indian Vedic gods - very powerful once- have become defunct or dead and so are the nature gods like Vauna (wind god), Indra (god of thunder) and Agni (fire-god) are all dead too.

  There are weird gods and goddesses.  Chinnamasta, Hindu and Buddhist goddess of self- sacrifice and sexual restraint cut off her own head and enjoyed parading around, blood
flowing from her open neck. Pan with hind legs and horns of a goat, is a Greek god of shepherds, flocks, and hunters with high sexual appetite and would copulate with anything including goddesses, humans and animals. Sheela Na Gigs, a lustful pagan goddess used to throw herself at men showing her vagina. Most men would reject, but if one accepted her, she would then become a beautiful woman and grant kingship to the man. Baron Samedi is a Haitian god of the dead-a reanimated Shelton with glasses appearing almost as a corpse ready for burial.  
Present day gods 

Brahma, Krishna, Rama, Siva, Vishnu, Hanuman (monkey god)-originated from Upanishads &Indian epics -Maha Bharatha & Ramayana -are still popular among millions with a magic wand.                                               
Jesus seems to the creation of St. Paul and the evangelists after the fashion of the older, mythical gods like Mithras, Dionysus, and Horus. His figure was formed in 7th century after Pope Hadrian wanted a man to lie on cross (up to then it was a lamb). A bearded fully haired youth with Palestine features was accepted as Jesus. Formless Allah came with Mohammed 1400 hundred years back. 

Yahweh was the war, storm and mountain god of the Middle East who somehow got into the Canaanite pantheon of gods (in the lower rungs) with his cohort Ashera. He later became the Jewish Almighty; his cohort simply vanished. Mary came up from the virginity stories of the Bible.

The story of gods does seem funny, eh? The present ones seem to be on firm ground, but the earth may give in and they can stumble and fall like the ‘Humpty-Dumpties.

But a majority of humans believe gods created and will give them eternal life. The Greek, Roman and Egyptian (the then civilized world) gods are dead long back. Most of today's civilized world’s (Europe, Japan, Korea, Australia, Canada) gods like Jesus are being abandoned.  Gods die and human life goes on. Can a dying species give eternal life to a species going strong? We came here by accident; like bubbles we come and go. Is there any point in crying over it? Why not try to keep a smile? Godless smile. 

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