Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Bible has no god.

Catholic Church says god is all-powerful, all-knowing and all loving who creates, sustains and who wants to give eternal life to all humans.   
Let us analyse the Bible and see.

Bible says we sinned by disobeying god. Why did god insist on the test? God knew humans would fail. He had an earlier experience with the angels but he never seems to learn. Why did he send the wily serpent to tempt Eve if he really wanted them to win? 

Even if they disobeyed using their freewill, was not a small punishment enough for a small sin? But god preferred to roast souls in the raging fire forever and ever! Is it not grossly disproportionate to the sin and against every natural justice? Further, god, like a possessed one, drove them away from the Paradise, brought pain and untold suffering-quakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, sickness, plagues and death to humans. Is there an element of love in all these?

Why should the sin of the first parents be passed on to all the coming generations?  They have no part in that. If there is no original sin what is the need of the only son of god to take birth, suffer ignominiously as atonement for the disobedience of the first parents? There is no original sin or anything about the coming of a redeemer of sins in the Old Testament. It is a created story in the New Testament.  May be Paul invented it as he gave a meaning for Christ’s crucifixion. How can a punishment meted out by the Romans become the atonement for the sins of the world?

How can god choose a tribe as his own to the exclusion of all others?  How can he destroy other groups, burn their orchards: kill them and order his commandants to rape their virgin-women? How can god order to kill and sacrifice animals to him? Or like the smell and taste of blood and fatty meat offered?  How can he send his angels to behead the first-born Egyptian children! How can he drown all the horses and other animals and the entire army of Pharaoh in hot pursuit of Moses? Is he a killer par excellence? The first books of Bible are full of all these and more. There are 1000s of quotes 

   How can the Christian god persecute, banish, murder and maim Jews, his selected tribe, whom he loved and traveled with in an arc in the desert, and for whom he waged so many wars? Did he forget his covenant made with Abraham? With the advent of a new religion in god’s own son’s name, foreskin could be kept intact but they had to get baptized in water. How can a god turn against his own people and agreement with them?

Above all, how many humans born so far, can exercise their free will to merit heaven? Fair estimates show half of all children born have died as kids are never able to use freewill.  The feeble minded, the retarded and the psychotic cannot use it either. If god rewards them heaven why not he save all humans?  What is the need of commandments, sacraments and redemption? Without all these there is no need for Christianity or its god. 

The religion established in the name of his son has fragmented into hundreds of warring sects with different beliefs and rituals. There are so many other religions that do not believe in the Christian god at all. Doesn’t it all show there cannot be such a god? What do you think?  

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