Monday, February 27, 2017

11 reasons why a Christian God is impossible!

1. God's Punishment for a simple disobedience is grossly unjustified. Eternal hell for a simple disobedience-under the temptation of a wily serpent sent by the same god? God had thrown them out of the Paradise and brought all sorts of suffering and pain to them and to every future generation. 

2. The concept of the original sin is simply incomprehensible. How can a simple disobedience of the first parents become an original sin and get passed on to the offspring? What did the coming generations do to inherit it? What was the need for god’s own son to take birth, suffer, die and redeem mankind? 

3. Eternal roasting  in the nether depths of hell for a temporary sin committed in this life is grossly unjust.  A transient offense merits only a temporary punishment. 

4. Why has God killed more than half of all children before the age of 14? The purpose of creation is to merit eternal bliss with God by obeying god’s commandments-using one’s free will. But those who die as children cannot use their freewill and what purpose is served by creating them? If God rewards them heaven why not he do so for all humans obviating the need for a religion?

5. What is the purpose in creating the feeble minded, the psychotic, and the brain deficient?
They cannot even take care of themselves, leave alone the ability to use freewill to merit heaven. Life is simply a pain to them and to all their dear ones. 

6. The choice of a small tribe as His own to the exclusion of all others is against the universality of God's love. He murdered and destroyed millions to settle them. He revealed himself to this minuscule tribe and left the rest of humanity in the dark!  Majority of the world population does not know Him even now. 

7. How can  God insist on animal and human sacrifices? Why did He love the taste of animal blood and fat? Why did He send a deluge to drown all living things one earth! He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. Can all living people be sinful at the same time? Why did He behead the firstborns of Egyptians?

8. Can God turn against His own people? With the coming of Christianity, Yahweh turns against the Jews and he prods the Church to persecute, banish or gas them. They were his bosom people. He had  madly protected them, traveled with them in an arc for centuries and murdered entire nations for settling them. 

9. Christianity has fragmented into warring sects. From the beginning, the Church got disintegrated into hostile denominations. The patriarch of Antioch ceded from Rome; each rival excommunicated the other. Protestants and Anglicans turned against Catholics and many bloody wars ensued. The diverse denominations with contradictory doctrines have been fighting one another.

10. The Church has always stood against mankind and perpetuated suffering. The clergy have been living luxuriously and licentiously. The Church is the richest corporation and Vatican's vaults are full of gold. But it never helps the poor but keeps making more money each day. It does not follow Jesus' advice to sell everything and give it to the poor.  One of the major reasons for the French Revolution was the clergy's exploitation and utter negligence of the poor. The Church has killed billions in crusades, sectarian wars and through its inquisition courts. Great scientists like Bruno were burnt for not accepting Church’s foolishness and even Galileo was interned for years. Innocent women were burnt at stake as witches.

11. There is only pain and suffering in this world. A number of earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural calamities kill many instantly and bury them with all their dreams. Plagues and Epidemics have decimated human societies. Horrendous viruses have worked havoc with them too. Of late science and advancement in medicine have lessened child mortality rates and controlled deaths due to epidemics. But God has no part in this latter development. There are millions who die of hunger, malnutrition and diseases even now. The Church, being against birth control measures, is adding empty stomachs into the world! The poor proliferate like 'the sands on the seashore,' and the Heavenly Father does not take care of them nor let them live decently. 

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